Captain America's Super Serum Has 1 Huge Comic Variance

Chris Evans' Steve Rogers may have been close in the comics, but Avengers: Endgame revealed the main difference in the super serum he uses in the comics.

There is a major difference between the super serum used by Captain America Steve Rogers and the super serum the character gets in the Marvel comics. The MCU has frequently made changes to the characters they adapted, even leaving Black Widow without the super serum at all. However, Chris Evans' Steve Rogers is so close to the Steve Rogers in the comics that it seems odd that there would actually be such a drastic change.

Steve Rogers' abilities and powers have been themes of fascination throughout the MCU, both when he first became Captain America and when he reappeared in the 21st century. However, some of his super serum's abilities are distorted by the amount of time he's been frozen in ice and the fact that his MCU arc includes some significant time travel. Regardless, it's clear that the MCU's version of Captain America's super serum isn't stopping Steve Rogers' aging process like it does in the Marvel comics.

How Long Can Steve Rogers Live In Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers appears to be immortal. Although he can be killed, he has lived for a long time Not aging at all due to the action of the super serum and how it interacts with his cells. At one point, he fought on another earth for decades and then didn't seem to age, and in another storyline, he spent years in the Z dimension before returning to Earth 616 where only a day had passed , and didn't age at all.

The fact that Captain America owes his youth to the super serum might seem obvious, but Marvel Comics also confirmed it at one point. In the comics, Rogers' impetus for passing the mantel to Sam Wilson was that his serum was neutralized. This causes Rogers to age rapidly, and without the super serum that stops him from aging, he would be an old man.

How Much Does Captain America Age In The MCU?

Mentioned multiple times in the MCU that Steve Rogers looks great for his age. However, the reason why the MCU's Captain America maintains his youthful appearance is due to time spent in ice, not super soldier serum. He looks obvious from the time he travels back in time and lives with Peggy He was older when he appeared before Sam Wilson at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Steve Rogers was born in 1918 and can be assumed to have aged normally until the age of 27, when he was frozen in ice in 1945. He was thawed in 2011, which means his body is still actually 27 years old, but it has been 93 years since he was born. Then he continues to age until Avengers: Endgame in 2023, when he will be 39 years old, and he was born 105 years ago. He then travels back to 1945 to spend his life with Peggy, and (assuming he goes back to 2023 when Peggy dies in 2016) lives another 71 years, which means he has lived to be 110 years old, and since his birth It's been around for 176 years. While 110 is an impressive age, it's not impossible, and despite the serum that Captain America injected him with, he clearly shows that age.

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