Captain America's greatest MCU power is given to Superman in the comics

Captain America gave the best speech in the MCU, and now DC has confirmed that Superman does too!

Warning: contains spoilers for Danger Street #1!

In the MCU, Captain America gave the best motivational speech, and now DC has confirmed that Superman has this ability. At Danger Street #1, a group of C-list heroes are "auditing" to join the Justice League, and Metamorpho, who has been affiliated with the League in the past, praises Superman's inspirational skills, putting Iron Man in the same league as Captain America. The magazine is now available in print and digital editions.

It should come as no surprise to readers that Captain America is the best motivational speaker in the MCU; his signature "Avengers Assemble" rallying point is the rallying point for the rest of the MCU. This carries over to the MCU as well, as confirmed by Avengers: Endgame. Just as Captain America served as a beacon of hope in the MCU, Superman plays the same role in DC — and now the publisher has confirmed that, like Cap, Superman gives the best motivational speeches.

One of the many themes in Danger Street #1 is Metamorpho, Starman (Mikaal Thomas), and Warlord (Travis Morgan) attempting to capture Darkseid using Dr. Fate's helmet. they thought it would leave impressed the Justice League, who would then invite them to join them. The three heroes can barely contain their giddy vision at the prospect of joining the venerable Justice League, and the pervert who was a member of the Justice League in the past once told the others: "Wait, you're going to hear what Superman is going to do before he goes on his mission." voice?" Speech. Gives you chills every time. "Unfortunately, the heroes' plan backfired, and instead of capturing Darkseid, they captured the mysterious Atlas - setting off a chain of events that drives Danger Street forward. This issue is written by Tom Written by King, Illustrated by Jorge Forn├ęs, Colored by Dave Stewart, Crossword by Clayton Cowles.

Superman and Captain America Can Pump Up a Crowd

Superman is a cornerstone of the DC Universe, and arguably comics in general, so it makes sense that he would be one of their main motivators - which puts him alongside Captain America is in the same crew. Both Superman and Captain America represent the best in their respective universes, are models for other universes to emulate, and both always strive to see the positive. These qualities inspire hope and hope in their fellow heroes. Confidence; Superman and Captain America are natural leaders. It shouldn't be a Surprisingly, they are both excellent motivational speakers, a quality that Avengers: Endgame confirmed in Captain America. There are many examples of heroes aligning themselves with Superman in DC Comics; one of the most famous examples comes in the epic Kingdom Come, where heroes of all ages join Superman's cause.

Thanks to Endgame, fans were able to see Captain America's brilliant motivating skills in the movies, but sadly, that's not the case for DCEU fans. Henry Cavill's movie outings as Superman lacked a chilling motivational speech -- and that cost both the character and Cavill as an actor. The new head of DC Films, James Gunn, is working on a new Superman movie that will feature a new actor playing Iron Man. Hopefully, Gunn will be able to bring to life Superman's outstanding leadership qualities, much like fans have seen with Captain America in the MCU.

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