Call Me Kate season 3 pics reveal Leslie Jordan's mom played by comedy icon

Vicky Lawrence joins the cast of "Call Me Kate" season 3 as the mother of late actor Leslie Jordan's character Phil.

New images from season 3 of "Call Me Kate" show Vicky Lawrence as the mother of the late Leslie Jordan's character Phil. Call Me Kat, premiering on Fox in 2021, is a remake of the British TV series "Miranda," starring Mayim Bialik as Kat, a single woman in her 30s who runs a cat cafe. Jordan is part of the main cast (which also includes Swarthy Kurtz, Keira Pratt, Julian Gantt, Cheyenne Jackson and Christopher Rivas), playing the baker in a café, Until he died in a car accident in October this year.

This week, TV Insider shared a set of images from the upcoming Call Me Kat Season 3 midseason premiere, which airs January 5, 2023. Pictures show Carol Burnett show icon Lawrence as Phil's mother. While no plot details have been revealed for the episode, her character appears to have joined the cafe staff, though she may not be doing very well given how her co-stars react to her. Check out the full-size image below:

How Call Me Kat Will Carry On Leslie Jordan's Legacy

Jordan has a lasting legacy in film and television that extends far beyond his work on Call Me Kat. The iconic actor, who also played the unforgettable role of Beverly Leslie on the iconic LGBTQ+ sitcom Will & Grace, has been able to translate his charisma into a variety of very different genre and medium. In addition to appearing in horror projects like Jason Goes to Hell: Last Friday and multiple seasons of American Horror Story, he's appeared in notable dramas like The Help and cult comedies like the Eat Out series, and has written for the animated series Includes Great North and American Dad! .

The title of the show's next episode, "Call Me Philim", seems to indicate that the writers will use this episode to explore Phil's legacy beyond his mother's appearance. While Phil is bound to exit Call Me Kat, his character will remain alive and happy, a tribute to the beloved actor. His mother's seemingly out-of-the-box appearance at the restaurant (it seems she's going to take over his baker's role) will take some explaining, but this conversation will be the best way to get Phil and Agent Jordan the happy ending he deserves.

Questions remain about the future of the series, including how long Lawrence might stay in the role, but most of those questions will likely be answered by January 5. Hopefully, the writers of the series will rise to the challenge of taking on such a tragic event while maintaining a light-hearted sitcom tone. However, given the love the Call Me Kat cast showed for their late co-star Jordan, it seemed inevitable that the episode would be as uplifting as it was tender.

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