Buffy actor recalls sweet first meeting with Sarah Michelle Gellar

Angel of Soul star David Boreanaz shares a sweet story about meeting Buffy co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar for the first time ).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum David Boreanaz shares a sweet and funny story about meeting co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar for the first time. Despite its flashes of the stellar show it was about to become, Buffy's first season had some palpable growing pains. One thing that has helped the series from the start, however, is the chemistry between Guerra and Boreynaz. As the titular killer, Gellar's character is drawn to Boreanaz's brooding vampire angel, and thus kicks off a love story that continues long after the end of Buffy and its spinoff Angel. spark debate.

In an interview with Josh Horowitz on The Summit, Boreanaz reflects on his long TV career and reflects on his relationship with Gellar after signing on to play Angel. ) responses when met. As the actor explains in the quote below, he'd never really done anything close to Buffy's level before, and he was very nervous and reminded himself to stay calm. Still, despite his anxiety, Boreanaz had only a few nice things to say about his scene partner when he met her: Relationships in popular culture. Chalking it up to this factor is a discredit to the work Gellar and Boreanaz have done in bringing their on-screen romance to life. The heated debate continues over which role is right for Buffy, and whether or not she needs to wind up with anyone in particular. Too often, Angel is summed up as Buffy's first love and timeless high school experience.

I went in, got my manager in a week. I was with my first agency at the time and they’re like, ‘oh yeah, we’ve signed you for seven out of the 13 episodes’. Right? I was like, ‘oh great, that’s huge.’ I didn’t think much about it, But I remember reading the breakdown. It was like–this vampire with a soul. He was 240-something years old and he’s kinda like the Joe Louis of fighters. You can knock him down but he’s always gonna get back up, right? And I really identified with the fighter aspect of it. Like, a character who’s gonna get back up no matter how many times he gets knocked down. So that was my kind of mantra going into that process of being cast for that role. And so I finally get through that process, they hire me, and the next day I’m like wardrobe, hair, you know, extensive special makeup, like all of these things. I meet Sarah for the first time on the set the day before I’m supposed to shoot the next day. And I remember walking into the set, it was very low ceilings and there was a fight sequence going on and there was Sarah, kind of, like, in the distance. And, you know, I met her and I was just amazed at how they just finished doing a scene and the crew was breaking up and moving and there she was. She was so bubbly and energetic and very kind. And there I am… just holding my cool, right? Just like, just whatever you do, you’ve been there, you’ve done that. Don’t ever show your weaknesses, right? I’m like—I’m dying on the inside. I go, ‘yeah, you know, see you tomorrow at work, it’s gonna be great.’ I’ve never really done this before, ever in my life, right? So getting that job was huge.
lt;blockquote class="twitter-tweet">.@David_Boreanaz Happy Birthday to my "Angel" then and now pic.twitter.com/WKbGeKkxB3— Sarah Michelle (@SarahMGellar) May 16, 2014

What Made Buffy & Angel So Popular?

However, in the show, Angel appears next to Buffy time and time again, even though it is clear that he may not be romantically present in her life. He was there to see her when her mother, Joyce, died in season 5. Although this happened off-camera, in Buffy season 6, once she was revived, he rushed to meet her and brought the series finale with the weapon that defeated The First. While they joked that they might find their way back to each other, they both admitted they didn't have to. They will always be a part of each other's lives, even if it doesn't lead to anything. In later Buffy years, Boreanaz and Gellar perfectly conveys that emotional maturity of their characters.

Essentially, they help turn what started out as an unhappy love into something more solid, even if it's not easily quantifiable. It speaks to the writing power of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and all of Gellar's most notable on-screen co-stars, whether it's Boreanaz as Angel, James Marsters as Spike, Eliza Dushku as Faith, or even Marc Blucas as the doomed Riley Finn, have very well The evidence supports them. It also illustrates what each performer adds to the show with their participation.

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Source: Summit With Josh Horowitz

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