Bravo Uninvites Jen Shah From The RHOSLC Season 3 Gathering

Jen Shah uncovers that she has been uninvited from The Genuine Housewives of Salt Lake City's season 3 get-together taping ahead of her sentencing date.

Jen Shah uncovers that she will not go to The Genuine Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3 gathering. The news comes after rumors have been whirling approximately the star's future on the Bravo appear. Amid RHOSLC season 2, Jen was captured on charges relating to scheme to commit wire extortion and cash washing. Fans of the appear were able to see Jen's lawful issues briefly some time recently the season wrapped. All through the season 2 gathering taping, Jen kept up her guiltlessness and guaranteed her castmates and watchers that she would battle for herself and those in a comparable position. In a stunning turn of occasions, Jen changed her supplication to blameworthy in July 2022—leaving the Bravo fandom puzzled.

Since at that point, Jen's association with Bravo rapidly came to a stop. The RHOSLC star was not at BravoCon 2022 and has not showed up on any later Observe What Happens Live scenes to advance the appear. Fans trusted that Jen would have the opportunity to share more around her blameworthy supplication and lawful procedures at the up and coming get-together, but Jen said on Instagram that "Bravo administrators" made her mindful she "was not welcomed to go to the season 3 Gathering." Jen uncovered she was "disillusioned" with the network's choice since the gathering would be the as it were "setting to stand up to mistakes and address my storyline with cast individuals." RHOSLC season 3 has spun intensely around Jen's dramatization with co-star Angie Harrington and her spouse, Chris Harrington, who conceded to making a fake Instagram account called "shahxposed."

Jen Shah Says Bravo Is Not Happy She Won't Talk About Her Legal Case

Jen included that she was "clear with Bravo that out of regard for the courts and a standing legal arrange," the reality star "would not" be able to "talk about anything related to my lawful case or sentencing." Fans of The Genuine Housewives establishment have observed Jen's case closely since she was to begin with captured in 2021. Since of that, Bravo needs to grandstand as much as conceivable. In any case, Jen expressed the arrange "found this inadmissible" and still "anticipated" her to examine this season's "storyline." Jen educated RHOSLC watchers that Bravo's "desire has no respect for me or my family's well-being," and beneath "legitimate exhortation, I will not be going to the get-together."

Since Jen's capture, and likely taking after the counsel of her attorneys, her engagement with Bravo has been restricted as it were to shooting the arrangement. Amid RHOSLC season 2, fans did get to see Jen assembly with legal counselors and talking about her progressing case with her family. In any case, watchers were still trusting for a more in-depth see at the reality star's legitimate inconveniences. Since the cast was shooting season 3 when Jen changed her supplication to blameworthy, a few were sure the most recent scenes of RHOSLC would appear what driven Jen to form that choice. Since that hasn't happened fair however, the RHOSLC season 3 gathering would've made the culminate organize for Jen to share her side.

Presently that Jen has affirmed she won't be going to The Genuine Housewives of Salt Lake City's season 3 gathering, the rumors can be put to rest. For fans fascinated by still taking after Jen's lawful case, her sentencing date is set for January 6th, 2023, at 2:30 p.m. EST. As distant as Jen's future on the appear is concerned, no one knows whether Salt Lake City's self-proclaimed "Ruler Bee" will be included in season 4. Ought to she not be sentenced to serve jail time, Andy Cohen has as of now expressed that he'd adore for her to return. In case Jen is sentenced to serve time in jail, the appear will likely move on without her. Either way, fans are holding up enthusiastically to see what happens following.

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