BOTW's Rarest Fish has the same problem as Hestu's Quest

BOTW gives players a variety of goals to try to achieve, including catching the rare Sanke carp or going on a Hestu quest...both of which are problematic.

Resource gathering and cooking are some of the new additions to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it's easy to believe that the rarest fish offer the best benefits when cooked, but that's not the case. It's a clever game mechanic that allows Link to experiment with cooking different types of fish and other foods to see what he can get out of them, like cold resistance or good healing properties. Fishing alone is fun, as is preparing a variety of seafood for these culinary experiments and seeing which ones work best in combination.

However, the problem is that players naturally expect the winning and rarest BOTW fish to offer the best rewards, which is not the case here. This isn't the only case where BOTW has pulled the rug from under Link, either, as anyone who has completed Hestu's Find 900 Hidden Koroks challenge can attest to. Getting the rarest fish, similar to catching 900 Koroks, is no easy feat and should be rewarded as it should be.

BOTW's Sanke Carp & Hestu's Quest Are Both Pretty Lame

Spending hours finding every hidden Korok for Hestu is a daunting task. After returning to Hestu, Link The reward was apparently a pile of useless golden turd. This reward must be a joke, but there are not even players who catch three carp. Like Hestu's quest for the Koroks, it creates a lot of frustration, but no real advantage. This rare fish costs only 20 rupees and has no added benefits when cooked. It was found for the sole purpose of adding it to the Hyrule Compendium.

Breath Of The Wild's Sanke Carp Needs To Provide Cooking Effects

If the Sanke carp is considered a rare, award-winning fish, it should have been designed to provide some sort of culinary benefit. This fish was bred from the Armored Carp and has beautiful colored markings; however, even the standard Armored Carp will offer higher defenses when cooked into a dish. It would be better to simply make the gain of the Sanke carp a little better, or even the same as that of the armored carp.

Hestu's quest to find the 900 Koroks and catch the rare Sanke carp are both difficult endeavors. After the excitement of finally reaching that goal and then getting nothing, this can leave players feeling disappointed. players can Still, have fun with them, like BOTW players taking selfies with each Korok. Also, catching every fish in Breath of the Wild is a notable achievement for players to be proud of, and there's another reward by filling out the Hyrule Compendium, which of course doesn't help much either.

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