Black Panther's Anti-Avengers Contingency Plan Was Worse Than Batman's

In Marvel's Black Panther, it was revealed that T'Challa's plan to take down the Avengers implicitly mirrored Batman's Justice League contingency plan.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Black Panther #12

^ In Marvel Comics' latest issue, Black Panther, it was confirmed that T'Challa's deal to wipe out the Avengers was just as bad (if not worse) than Batman's Justice League contingency in the DC Universe ). After relinquishing the crown of ruler of Wakanda, T'Challa seems to have hit rock bottom. However, after Black Panther was officially kicked out of the Avengers, his status is even lower now.

In John Ridley and Germán Peralta's New Black Panther #12, T'Challa discovers that the recent security instability in Wakanda and the takeover of the world's major digital data centers all come from the same group of "terrorists" seeking to force world peace. Out of the blue, T'Challa discovers that leading them is Jhai, his friend and a covert sleeper assassin whom he believes has been killed. Instead, Jhai's suspended animation led to the chain of events, positioning T'Challa (whom he still sees as king) as the ruler of the world, and ultimately the universe, once they merge with the Wakanda star empire. However, Jhai also took advantage of Black Panther's "Killswitch" protocol, using secret data collected by T'Challa The Avengers deal with them easily and effectively. With no choice, Black Panther revealed the agreements to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, prompting Captain America to kick T'Challa off the team due to T'Challa's lack of trust and betrayal. As such, these agreements definitely mirror the contingencies that Batman's Justice League first saw in DC's Tower of Babel storyline.

While Batman's contingencies were a detailed plan to kill the Justice League, it's interesting that Black Panther also reveals that the "Killswitch" goes a step further, gathering data that would help replicate the powers and abilities of his Avengers partners. While this has certainly helped Earth's Mightiest Heroes in recent installments, these same protocols can easily be used to sabotage the team as well. It's part of Black Panther's paranoid preparation to defend his country under any circumstances, even if Wakanda is threatened by the Avengers. This elaborate paranoia certainly puts him on the same level as Bruce Wayne.

If Black Panther Wasn't Marvel's Batman Before (He Is Now)

It's also worth noting that, despite the Tower of Babel being published as far back as 2000, Batman's Justice League incident remains a sore spot in the DC Universe. as seen in recent issues In Chip Zdarksy and Jorge Jimenez's current Batman run, Batman is accidentally activated against himself, a deadly AI imitating Batman himself named Failsafe, should Bruce go too far in his crusade And be killed, it will destroy him. Not only is the droid capable of outsmarting the Dark Knight, but he also has access to all of the Justice League's contingencies, meaning there's very little his fellow heroes can do.

Likewise, "Killswitch" is likely to serve as a major wedge between Black Panther and the Avengers for years to come. Losing his crown and his team, Black Panther was seen recruiting his few remaining allies to stop Jhai, who never wanted to rule the world and universe that Jhai had to offer. Regardless, it's clear that Black Panther has become the true Batman of the MCU. Black Panther #12 is out now from Marvel Comics.

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