Better Call Saul: 10 Supporting Characters With Protagonist Energy

The best supporting characters in Better Call Saul are those who help the characters on their journey, but some of them give the protagonist energy.

While it remains to be seen whether the final episodes of Better Call Saul's critically acclaimed final season will end up winning the slew of Emmys it so rightfully deserves, fans of the series don't need award recognition to appreciate the true depth of what's in it. quality. Even the supporting characters in "Better Call Saul" display such complex characterizations that they could easily become an important part of the main cast.

The overall idea of ​​the show was to transform some of Breaking Bad's most enigmatic characters into more three-dimensional humans. While some of the supporting characters who appeared in Better Call Saul in Breaking Bad were again primarily there to move the story forward, the prequels introduced a new wave of supporting characters who deserved their own spinoffs.

Bill Oakley

Despite Bill Oakley's unfortunate attempt to tangle with Kim Wexler in court, he is primarily a character that only deals with Jimmy's experiences with the legal system. When they first met, Bill was Albuquerque's deputy district attorney, and he kept reminding Jimmy what a poor fool looked like to him. bill is always overworked and jealous of jimmy Succeeded, so it's hard not to feel sorry for him.

Bill does make some progress in his character arc, as he acts alone and represents Jimmy/Saul in the episode's finale, but this raises more questions about the direction of his life by the end of the episode. Bill is hilarious, neither stupid nor insensitive, and it feels like there's more to him than the audience sees.

Marshall Dixon A.K.A. "Camera Guy"

Viewers can witness Jimmy's first interactions with many of the important characters he introduced in the Breaking Bad stories, but some of Jimmy's most important partners in crime are characters who only appear on Better Call Saul. Marshall Dixon, often referred to only by fans as "The Videographer," was the de facto leader of three University of New Mexico students that Jimmy used to help advance himself and become some of his An accomplice to a criminal.

For a TV show, Better Call Saul has many moments that are entirely meta-movie. From Jimmy's genuine passion for directing to the show's examination of acting and theatrical delivery, the series feels like a movie And also shows a love for the art form. These moments are most direct when "The Cameraman" delivers his scathing remarks. If he made a movie about Jimmy it would be a masterpiece.

Sherry A.K.A. "Drama Girl"

Of the three UNM students hired by Jimmy, Sherry—also known simply as "Drama Girl" by fans—stands out as by far the most empathetic, and some of her ideas are much smarter than Jimmy's, although she Never got credit for them. Her unrecognized talent and bubbly charisma scream spin-off material.

Due to her acting skills, "Drama Girl" also ended up playing a small but significant role in some of Jimmy's projects. She gets into her role, and if she wants the role, she shows the makings of a very talented con artist.


Ernie is an example of a Better Call Saul character who only gets one name on the show, but viewers still know their personalities well and feel empathy for them. Ernesto worked with Jimmy and Kim in HHM's mailroom before working as Chuck's assistant Following Chuck's initial falling out with Jimmy in the show's first season.

Although Ernie was fired by Chuck in Season 3 for luring Jimmy into his house, before disappearing from the show at the end of Season 4 except for flashbacks, he did turn Chuck into an audience entirely. The villain in the eyes. So it's a bit of a shame that Ernie's story isn't delved into a bit more, as he's a likable character who deserves at least a little closure. The way Chuck deliberately manipulates Ernesto's emotions to make him incriminate himself mirrors what Chuck did to Jimmy, but it's still one of the show's cruelest tricks, and a crime that meets some standard of justice.


Another named-only Better Call Saul character, Lyle is Gustavo Fring's most doting legal employee from his legitimate business, Los Pollos Hermanos, who works alongside Fring himself in the Albuquerque branch of the fast food chain.

Lyle's naive loyalty to one of the most dangerous cartel members in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is a character trait, actually Very cute because he never knows the true source of his employer's income. He's also one of the few characters outside of the illegal drug-dealing underworld who interacts with Gus Fring almost on a regular basis. While Lyle only really accentuates Fring's loneliness and detachment from normal day-to-day life, he has the warm presence it takes to be a bigger character on the show.

David The Sommelier

David played a more focused version of Lyle in Better Call Saul, appearing in only one scene on the show, the last scene of Gus Fring. Among Flynn's haunts is David, a charismatic and somewhat flirtatious sommelier who apparently caught the attention of the reclusive criminal mastermind at some point in the past.

Although Gustavo Flynn's sexuality was never explicitly discussed during the course of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, it is strongly implied that he is gay in both shows, and David's scene is that of Flynn in One of the most vulnerable and undefended moments of both shows. While David re-emphasizes Flynn's miserable life of loneliness, there's clearly more to "Chicken Man," David is a rare window into his true personality. Gus Fring really only showed tolerance for others in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Seeing him genuinely enjoy the company of another human being can't help but catch a glimpse into his fascinating life, which remains largely a mystery.

Rich Schweikart

Rich Schweikart is one of the most successful, experienced and respected members of the New Mexico legal community that viewers have seen, and one of Kim's foremost professional mentors on the show. After failing to poach Kim from HHM in season 2, he welcomed her into his company with open arms in season 4, serving as her boss until she resigned at the end of season 5.

Rich was still a part of the show after Kim resigned from Schweikart & Cokely, as the company represented Sandpiper Crossing in the series' general class-action plot thread, but sadly he was in the background of the events. He's a very witty guy, and as a result, he's mostly unspoken, which is what Better Call Saul is all about. Rich is good at hiding his true feelings and influencing Kim and Jimmy's impression of him. The lawyer's presence is subtler and more powerful than some of the show's other larger characters.

Mrs. Nguyen

Mrs. Nguyen, the owner of the nail salon where Jimmy's old law firm is located, is one of the very few characters that Jimmy knows from the beginning. That's not to say she's completely devoid of empathy for him, but for someone who has to spend so much time around him, she's rarely been fooled by Jimmy's alleged tricks.

Since she is immune to Jimmy's charms, she is able to see him for what he really is, and tolerates him no matter what. There's even a little spark between the two, as she seems to be the only woman who can actually keep him under control. Mrs. Nguyen often seems like one of those people who means more to Jimmy than he cares to admit.

Clifford Main

Briefly introduced to Jimmy's boss in season 2, Clifford Maine remains a part of the series as one of the lead attorneys involved in the Sandpiper Ferry case. While at first he might seem like an early foil to Saul Goodman's upbringing, Cliff becomes a very important character. A more sympathetic character in the show's final season.

Jimmy and Kim's plot to ruin Howard Hamlin's reputation leads Cliff Mayne to unexpectedly discover a character detail in which he has insights into drug use based on his own son's experience with drug use. Over the course of the final season, Cliff has steadily transformed from someone who seemed to care only about money and business decorum to someone who genuinely cares about doing the right thing. It helps viewers appreciate a similar change that is taking place in Howard's character, but seeing a somewhat old-school guy with a more nuanced understanding of drug use from the man behind Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul would be an amazing one. .

Cheryl Hamlin

Cheryl Hamlin stands out as a supporting character on Better Call Saul not only because of her late appearance on the show, but also because, despite being married to one of the main characters, her existence wasn't even mentioned until the final season's end.

As Howard Hamlin's wife, whose marriage visibly deteriorates behind the scenes for a while, she adds so much detail and perspective to the film One of the show's most integral main characters. The audience can only really get a feel for Howard after a brief look at his life and his explicit feelings for her. Her presence was also instrumental in the downfall of Jimmy and Kim, so more details of her life are always a source of curiosity for fans.

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