Batman's Green Lantern Form Finally Comes to Life in Dark Crisis

In Dark Crisis' Big Bang tie-in, Batman becomes Green Lantern in an epic realization in an alternate reality, the Flash who comes to save Barry Allen.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1

In the latest tie-in with Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the version of Batman who also became Green Lantern finally materialized in DC's multiverse (and played a major role in a crossover event). As seen in Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, Barry Allen's Flash and The Flash are hunting the Anti-Monitor across the multiverse, which resulted in Barry's death in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline the same cosmic enemy. However, they also met several new mutant heroes, including this new Batman Green Lantern.

In Big Bang #1 by Mark Waid, Dan Jurgens, and Norm Rapmund, Barry is on the hunt for the Anti-Monitor, since countless Earths have returned. Joined by Kid Flash, the two speedsters embark on their multi-Earth quest across DC's alternate worlds: Mecha, Jurassic League, Iron Dark Knight, DCeased, DC vs Vampires and more. However, they eventually find the Anti-Monitor, and Barry wastes no time trying to beat the cosmic enemies to pieces. However, he needs backup eventually, and Kid Flash is happy to team up with a team of heroes from different Earths. One such hero is a version of Batman who became the Green Lantern on his Earth. He also saved Barry from being swallowed by the Anti-Monitor after Team Heroes managed to knock the cosmic being into a dimensional rift.

The Official Batman Green Lantern Debuts By Saving The Flash

While this Batman version of Green Lantern is an impressive mutant hero, this Emerald Dark Knight also makes a return for Hal Jordan's collaboration with Batman in 2005's Green Lantern #9. In that installment, Hal gave Batman his ring to try using, hoping to help Bruce Wayne reconcile his trauma from losing his parents through willpower and facing his fears. While suggesting that Batman could have been the great Green Lantern, the Dark Knight revealed that he didn't want to move on from his parents' death or let them go. So, this new Batman Green Lantern appears to be a real version.

It should also be noted that 2017's The Dark Knight: Metal did feature a Batman/Green Lantern hybrid known as Dawnbreaker, although this version was villainous as one of Batbatos' Dark Knights. In contrast, this new version is obviously more heroic. Without this new Batman Green Lantern, Barry Allen's The Flash would once again be lost on the Anti-Monitor.

cataloged several In his travels across the multiverse, to different Earths, Barry Allen has quite a checklist to bring back to the main DC Universe. While it hasn't been revealed which Earth this new Batman Green Lantern is from, hopefully The Big Bang Theory #1 isn't the last we'll see of him. Dark Crisis: The Big Bang Theory #1 is out now from DC Comics.

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