Batgirl Cosplay Gives Barbara Her Own Version of the Batmobile

A new cosplay shows Batgirl riding her Batmobile, effectively giving Barbara Gordon her own Batmobile to fight crime in Gotham City.

Batgirl needs to get around as much as Batman, and Yuuki Weasley's new cosplay gives Barbara Gordon her own version of the Batmobile.

Although there have been several versions of Batgirl over the years, Barbara Gordon remains the most famous and popular. Babs debuted in 1967, and she wore the mantle of Batgirl until the late '80s, when she was paralyzed by the Joker and reinvented herself as an intelligence-gathering technologist known as the Oracle. While she made a grand comeback as Batgirl in 2011, she's recently stepped back to let fellow Batgirls Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain carry on her legacy. The character recently made headlines after her movie was pulled from HBOMax, but thankfully, Babs remains an integral part of the DC Universe in the comics.

Now, thanks to cosplay artists like Yuuki Weasley, Barbara Gordon's Batgirl lives on in three dimensions, though her parent company has put her feature film on hold. Sharing her creations on Instagram, Yuuki Weasley takes inspiration from classic black and gold outfits and adds her own touch to bring the designs into the modern age. Yuuki also showcases Batgirl's trusty mode of transportation, her famous Battery cycle. Check out Yuuki's creations below:

Amazing Cosplay Gives Batgirl Her Own Set of Wheels

Batcycle has been a staple in Batgirl's arsenal since its debut. Barbara Gordon was created in the comics in 1966 after the producers of the Batman TV series asked for a character to appeal to female audiences. Actress Yvonne Craig eventually landed the role in the show's third season, where she was often seen criss-crossing Gotham City on her trusty Batmobile. Craig later told Les Daniels, author of Batman: The Complete History, "I used to think the reason they hired me was because they knew I could ride my own motorcycle." The image stuck and was often seen thereafter Batgirl rides her Batcycle.

Having Babs ride alone also reflects the character's independent spirit, showing that while she is part of the larger Bat-family, she is not dependent on Batman. Unlike Robin, Barbara Gordon's Batgirl is largely her own hero, which has been an integral part of her character since the 1960s and '70s, when she was in Detective Comics gained its own characteristics in the page.

Her movie may have been canceled, but thanks to cosplay artists like Yuuki Weasley, Batgirl Her trusty Batmobile replacement is here to stay.

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