Backstage news on whether Sasha Banks is teaming up with AEW

There is still a section of AEW fans who think Sasha Banks will be Saraya's mystery sidekick on the Jan. 11 episode of Dynamite.

Ever since Mercedes Varnado left Raw in May as Sasha Banks in WWE, all Elite Wrestling fans have been waiting for her to appear on Dynamite. There are several reasons for this. First off, Tony Khan isn't shy about opening his checkbook on former WWE performers. So much so that it became a bone of contention for MJF all summer. Second, the women's division desperately needs star power, and that's exactly what Banks brings to AEW. Instant popularity and presumably the attention of WWE fans. However, it doesn't sound like such a defection will happen. At least not in the Jan. 11 episode of Dynamite, where Saraya needs a mystery partner to match Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter.

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gave the following update on Sasha Banks' immediate future with AEW: "About Sasha Banks, if it's happening, it's a very well kept secret right now. There's no indication it's , but obviously, if it was, almost everyone could keep it a secret. Also, if it was, I think they would push Los Angeles has more games every week because they've been pretty cool about any games mentioned on TV. ’” Meltzer also wrote, “If [Mystery Partner] isn’t Sasha Banks, they need to publicize it somehow because people are going to be disappointed even if they don’t do anything to suggest it’s a disappointment.” Many fans in Los Angeles are looking forward to it because of the story of New Japan. For what it's worth, Meltzer would later point out that the Banks rumor didn't do anything to increase ticket sales for the LA Dynamites.

AEW Fans Creating Head Cannon For Sasha Banks Is Unfair

It would be interesting to see Sasha Banks appearing in AEW with Saraya. On Jamie Hayter When new stars emerge, she will give a huge boost to the women's division. Along with Baker and Saraya, Varnado will bring a strong female core to the company to build that division. No one can deny that. But when AEW does nothing Developing a psychological storyline when suggesting that Banks will show up on Jan. 11 would be unfair to both the company and whoever ends up fighting alongside Saraya.

Sasha Banks is a clear case of wrestling fans making head cannons, set itself as They will be disappointed if things don't turn out the way they thought they would. If AEW jokes that it's going to be Sasha Banks -- for example, if the commentary team or Saraya starts using the term "boss time" -- and it turns out to be a swerve, then shake your head. However, that wasn't what Kahn and All Elite Wrestling were up to for this tag team match.

A handful of talented women's wrestlers could join Saraya against Baker and Haight. Lady Frost recently tweeted about AEW and Saraya. The former Impact standout would be a fantastic choice for AEW, and it would be unfair if fans reacted negatively to her for not being Sasha Banks. For not making fun of Sasha Banks and not mentioning her on AEW TV. It would be a surprise if Varnado went through the facial tunnel on Jan. 11, but fans need to brace for the reality that today's scenario is unlikely to happen.

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