Avatar 3 teases could lead to perfect future for Quaritch

James Cameron teased a new clan for Avatar 3, which could hint at Quaritch's perfect character arc, who now lives in his new recombination.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Avatar: The Way of Water.

^ Colonel Quaritch's perfect future after Avatar: Way of Water may have been revealed by James Cameron in details for Avatar 3. Stephen Lang made his debut as Colonel Quaritch in 2009's Avatar, the face of the RDA on Pandora -- and despite the character's death at the hands of Neytiri, Avatar: Way of Water casts the villain as a reconstituted soldier Brought back, it was a clone of Quaritch with a new avatar body. The Way of the Water takes Quaritch on a new journey in the Avatar films as he is reintroduced to his son and begins to embrace life as a Na'vi.

While "Avatar" focused the viewer's attention on the Omatikaya, a Na'vi tribe living in the forests of Pandora, "Avatar: Way of Water" finds Jake Sully He and his family seek refuge with the Metkayina, a coral reef tribe. Glimpses of other Na'vi clans were seen during Avatar when Jack recruited the army to fight the RDA, but Avatar 2 explores the details of new communities adapted to different Na'vi. This opens the door for the introduction of more clans in the upcoming sequel to Way of Water. one These clans have already been teased by director James Cameron, and could hold the key to Quaritch's future.

In an interview with French publication 20 Minutes, James Cameron teases the introduction of another Ne'vi clan, finding a balance between good and bad between humans and the indigenous Na'vi on Pandora. James Cameron further expanded the idea that the earth is represented by Omaticaya and Metkayina represents water, saying that "fire will be represented by the 'ember people'", suggesting that the appearance of the volcanic Na'vi will be the opponent of Avatar 3. The director further said that "Avatar " and "Avatar: Way of Water" both dealt with "very negative examples of humans and very positive examples of Na'vi", but Avatar 3 will reverse this.

James Cameron Has Teased The Ash People For Avatar 3

This idea stems from producer Jon Landau's previous comments in an interview with Gizmodo, during which he mentioned that future Avatar films would explore regions beyond Pandora, including the prospect of bringing Neytiri to Earth. This is important because it will prove to Neytiri that humans are not just represented by the RDA on Pandora, "Not all humans are bad...not all Na'vi are good." It It seems like this theme will be introduced in Avatar 3, which includes Ash People, an addition to the franchise that might see some major changes in the main characters' storylines.

"Avatar: Way of Water" debuts Quaritch as more animated than the humans seen in previous "Avatar" films, and the character's new avatar body gives him faster, more agile assistance, and a better ability to blend into Pandora planet. Quaritch's mission to track down and kill Jake Sully forces the former colonel to accept life as one of the Na'vi, which includes him learning the local language and connecting with his own Ikran. The Way of the Water shows Quaritch starting to change as he expresses his remorse for burning down the Na'vi village and sacrificing his plans to save his son Spider.

Quaritch Must Integrate Into Na’vi Life Even More In The Avatar Sequels

At the end of Way of the Water, a badly injured Quaritch flies off into the unknown in his Ekran, but since Stephen Lang has already been confirmed to star in all of Avatar's upcoming sequels, it can be assumed he will be back in full force at the time. When Avatar 3 is released in 2024. However, Quaritch will certainly As his story progressed in the franchise, he went through many changes as he developed a greater appreciation for the life of the Na'vi, and has been using his learning curve as a link to the one he left behind after Avatar's death. Opportunities for sons to bond. This sets up the perfect storyline for Quaritch in Avatar 3. ^Avatar and Avatar: Way of Water embed humans firmly in the series' main villains, shown in some beautiful but heartbreaking scenes, including their destruction of the sacred Na'vi The ruins, and the moment the RDA returned to Pandora at the beginning of the Waterway, burned for miles around. While this was a valid storyline for the first two films in the series, continuing to feature only humans is risky, as Cameron risks repeating old stories. This means that new villains need to be introduced in Avatar 3. ^Avatar: Way of Water recreates the human threat on Pandora by introducing reconfigured soldiers, cloned avatar versions of deceased RDA soldiers who died avatar in the final battle. This has blurred the lines Between good and evil, as humans not only now look like their enemies, but can now see the world from the enemy's own perspective, this could be a huge change. Avatar 3 could change the game again by making the local Na'vi clans enemies, perhaps battling the humans on Pandora as well as Jake Sully and the rest of the Na'vi clans.

After the events of Avatar: Way of Water, the future of Quaritch is uncertain. He could return to the RDA base, regroup, and set off again, or he could deal with his failure in his mission to eliminate Jack and begin to feel a connection to his son and his new life as the Na'vi. "Avatar 3" can throw Quaritch directly into the arms of the Ash People of Pandora, and you can see this character fully integrated into the life of the Na'vi people, becoming a true member of their clan. Not only is this an excellent progression of Quaritch's story, but it's also a perfect throwback to the original Avatar film.

Humans Aren’t The Only Villains On Pandora

Seeing Quaritch fully embrace Na'vi life in Ash People will be a glorious return to his avatar journey so far - seeing him go from human, to Avatar, to full-fledged Na'vi. It also mirrors well Jack Sully's experience in the original film, as he finds himself engrossed in the lives of the Omaticaya and learning their ways before being officially welcomed into the clan. After the epic events of Avatar: Way of Water, Avatar 3 could see the Na'vi fighting the Na'vi, with both Jack Sully and Quaritch leading their respective clans against each other.

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Becoming One Of The Ash People Would Be The Perfect Storyline For Quaritch

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