Acolyte on Disney+ will change how you think about the dark side of Star Wars

Star Wars' new Acolyte of the Republic drama on Disney+ will change how the fanbase thinks and thinks about the dark side of the Force.

Star Wars fans will get an all-new Disney+ show and an already piling list of upcoming releases, this time from Age of the Republic: Acolyte, which will take on the dark side of the Force in a whole new light. Throughout the history of Star Wars since its first release in 1977, the central conflict of the Star Wars universe has been that of the Jedi and the Sith, terms that appear frequently and are almost synonymous with the light and dark sides of the Force, respectively. righteous. This conflict is known to go back thousands of years, well before the events of the prequel trilogy began in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, and the new Star Wars High Republic show will explore even more this history.

Both the prequels and the original feature the Sith, and thus the dark side, mainly in Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. The sequel trilogy builds on Palpatine's dark side legacy and develops it further through the latter with newcomer Kylo Ren. Since taking the helm, Disney has made the black-and-white morality of Star Wars even more ambiguous, nowhere more so than in the House of Mouse. Flesh out the previously unexplored dynamic between Jedi and Sith. The Jedi have already been revealed to be not the de facto good guys of the galaxy, and the upcoming Star Wars High Republic episode The Acolyte will give the dark side similar treatment.

Star Wars Is Changing The History Of The Dark Side

While the Sith have featured in all 3 eras of the Star Wars canon thus far, there is one more era left to be explored in the live-action Star Wars Grand Republic show, namely the era before the Age of the Republic and The Phantom Menace. With Disney+'s The Acolyte set to be announced on May 4, 2020, Lucasfilm promises to delve into the era, with a major twist from the usual Star Wars projects. While all previous eras have featured Sith to some extent, the dark side has always been seen through the eyes of the Jedi, or the Jedi have been seduced by the dark side, and have rarely been explored to the same depth as the Jedi Order or the light side. force. However, with the advent of the Age of the Republic, the Acolyte will completely change how fans think about the dark side for a few different reasons.

The Acolyte Has Star Wars' First Real Dark Side Protagonist

Although Anakin Skywalker could Conceived as the protagonists of the prequel trilogy, all three films feature more of an ensemble cast, heavily showcasing many different characters and their points of view. This means that Anakin's tragic fall to the dark side is often explored from perspectives other than the dark side, which means it can never be explored in the same way as the light side. With Acolyte, Star Wars promises to change that trend. After announcing the Star Wars High Republic show in May 2020, Disney revealed that Acolyte will take place in the final days of the High Republic era, focusing on the emergence of dark side forces.

With a title like The Acolyte, a term for a Sith apprentice, it is clear that the emergence of Sith power will be seen through the eyes of a Sith acolyte or follower, something that has never been done in live action before Things Star Wars. By showing how the age of the Grand Republic entered into the Phantom Menace from the acolyte's perspective on emerging dark side forces, Star Wars will provide the first in-depth dark side perspective never seen before in live action. star wars republic The show will reveal how the Sith defeated the Jedi, and the protagonists of the series are directly involved in the ways of the Sith throughout the duration of the show.

The High Republic Setting Reveals More Of The Sith Ways

While High Republic is first introduced in a book series beginning in 2021, The Acolyte will make its screen debut. So this allows the dark side to be seen in an era that has yet to be seen in live-action Star Wars. While the prequel trilogy featured Sith working behind the scenes, it's never been a secret since that trilogy that Emperor Palpatine is the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. This meant that the prequels portrayed the Sith from a Jedi's biased, often blind perspective, never really exploring Palpatine/Darth Sidious' plans.

With the advent of the Age of Grand Republic and the promise of attention to the dark side forces of that era, this will no longer be the case. The High Republic may feature Sith still operating in the shadow of the Jedi Order, but since the timeline is blank at this point, this era will allow for a more focused look at the plans and plans of dark side users No classic story has happened here. This, in turn, would clear a lot of hurdles for writers who wouldn't have to fit into the established stories of the main Star Wars franchise beyond setting up prequels, allowing Acolyte more freedom to really explore the darker side of Star Wars. The Force of the High Republic. In fact, Star Wars Republic episodes could even introduce characters more dangerous than Star Wars' most powerful villains.

The Acolyte Is A Different Kind Of Dark Side User To The Sith

Not only does Star Wars always show the dark side from the outside in, it also only shows dark side Force users such as Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Darth Tyrannar Sith, they at least claim to obey the Sith law of duality, whether master or apprentice. However, that wasn't the case with High Republic and The Acolyte. Since the main character is a Dark Side user, fans will get to see firsthand how the Sith regime works. Rather than seeing this through the eyes of the all-powerful Sith Lord, the Acolyte will feature unadulterated followers of Sith teachings, despite the fact that The general concept at this point has been explored for decades.

The dark side of the Sith and the Force has been a mainstay of the Star Wars story since the beginning of George Lucas' original film trilogy. The Jedi who turned to the dark side is one of the most central characters in the series. As the series' primary antagonistic driving force, the Dark Side corrupts, distorts, and interferes with Star Wars' most iconic heroes, directly or more discreetly, in every major entry in the series. While that may be the case, the announcement on Disney+ that it will bring The Age of the Grand Republic to a live-action story with The Acolyte promises to showcase this malevolent power in ways fans of the series have never seen before.

"Star Wars" is one of the most famous and iconic franchises in film history, and it's rare to see something so entrenched in its identity in a fresh and new light, which should be something fans should be very excited about matter. Audiences might even get to see more of Yoda's experience with the dark side, which was centuries old when Star Wars' High Republic was cast. not just Will fans discover more of the Sith's (and Jedi's) secrets, but they'll do so by traveling back in time to the days of the High Republic's decline, witnessing first-hand the shroud of the dark side secretly enveloping a galaxy far, far away ,far away.

Tales Of The Jedi Laid Groundwork For The Acolyte

Disney's animated series Jedi Legends had already laid the groundwork for the morally bleak Sith and dark side of the Star Wars High Republic show, particularly showing Count Dooku's early life as a Jedi Master. While the prequel trilogy showed Dooku as a former Jedi Knight completely consumed by the dark side, the Jedi saga revealed the dark beginnings of Count Dooku's fall, which actually depended on the Jedi's failure to protect the galaxy. Indeed, while it was Dooku's own decision to succumb to the dark side, the Jedi legend also exposed flaws in the way the Jedi Order operates across the galaxy, leading to the Jedi becoming more of a neutral arbiter than a Defenders of the people they swore to protect. Acolyte seems to be emphasizing this, but Count Dooku's storyline in Legends of the Jedi is definitely Nails hold securely in place.

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