A DC Antihero Would Be Perfect For Marvel's Hellfire Soiree

It's hard to imagine anyone in the DC universe with a more stylish sense than Harley Quinn, making her the perfect choice for Hellfire's gala.

If there was one DC character who should have stepped into the X-Men's Hellfire Gala, it's Harley Quinn.

Surprisingly, Harley Quinn's first appearance was not in a comic book. She made her debut as the Joker's sidekick in Batman: The Animated Series, wearing her classic red and black Joker suit. This was more or less her primary attire until she started appearing in the comics on her own. The New 52 brought Halle a controversial outfit change, and her outfit changed again after Margot Robbie portrayed her in Suicide Squad. Since then, Harley Quinn has appeared in multiple costumes in everything from video games to animation, becoming an anti-hero.

These costumes have appeared on numerous variant covers over the years. They were included in the poster comic book Harley Quinn Discovery #1, with covers by Adam Hughes, Ross Besch and Will Jack, among others. The issue actually started in a meta way, as Harley Quinn claimed she was responsible for all of DC's success before the cover was introduced, starting with what she admitted was an unflattering "Wanted" poster. The cover shows Harley in a variety of styles and in many different outfits The classic look is even more charming. On Derrick Chew's cover, she can even be seen wearing boxer pants along with hockey and soccer gear. Most of the outfits are themed around her classic red and blank playing cards, but she wears lots of different jewelry that accentuates her status as a DC Universe style icon.

Harley Quinn Has The Best Costumes

When it comes to fashion and comics these days, nothing gets more attention than the X-Men's Hellfire Gala. The event was used as a showcase for various Marvel characters, including heroes and villains from all walks of life, who not only wouldn't otherwise interact with each other, but also wore completely different costumes. This event is perfect for people like Harley Quinn, the cartoonist who loves to wear all kinds of costumes.

DC and Marvel rarely crossover. However, a crossover between a big Marvel event and a single DC character would be interesting, especially someone like Harley. She's such an outgoing and spontaneous personality that fans are taken aback when they see her interact with characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man and even Doctor Strange. Aside from the odd conversation, though, Harry will likely revel in the many wardrobe changes she makes throughout the evening. The possibilities are endless, and it would be foolish not to invite Harley Quinn at the Hellfire Gala.

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