90 Day Fiancé: The True Story of Debbie's First Marriage and Baby's Death

90 Day Fiancé fans recently learned why Debbie was overprotective of Colt Johnson. It stems from her heartbreaking marriage and the death of her baby.

Debbie Johnson has the longest fiance of 90 days, but fans recently found out about her traumatic past before giving birth to "miracle baby" Colt Johnson. Debbie from Las Vegas - who debuted on 90 Day Fiancé Season 6 as Colt's mother and Larry Sallima's wicked mother-in-law - is now living her life on 90 Days: The Single Life Season 3 Your own fairytale romance. While Debbie may think she's never been in love with Colt's dad Harley 13 years after his death, fans will never love Debbie as much as they do now.

Debbie's story about why Colt was so special to her and why they didn't talk really broke her heart and moved TLC viewers to tears. Debbie has been through a lot in life and she deserves all the happiness she wants as fans get to know her deep past. Debbie, now 70, was 17 when she got pregnant for the first time. Debbie was married to her first husband, Steve, before meeting Colt's father. When Debbie realized she and Steve were going to have a baby, she was very much in love. Steve was drafted into the Army and was in between boot camp and being shipped off to Vietnam. 90 Day Fiancé actor Debbie and her first husband were married that time, and Debbie gave birth to her baby a few months later.

90 Day Fiancé’s Debbie’s First Baby Lived For 90 Minutes

Debbie's first child, a boy, was born prematurely and died within an hour and a half. Steve had to go away for a year to Vietnam, but when he came back, Debbie felt he was not the same person, something about him had changed. Debbie and Steve divorced after learning the heartbreaking news that she could no longer have children. However, Debbie meets Halle and becomes pregnant with Colt. Unfortunately, Debbie's second child, Colt, was also born prematurely. He was born three months earlier than expected.

Colt Is Special To Debbie But There Have Been Problems Recently

"I don't know if he's going to survive, but he does," Debbie confesses onscreen. Because of this, Colt is very special and precious to Debbie, who was teased multiple times for raising Colt in previous seasons. Debbie's relationship with Colt has been terrible after 37 years, and her move to Canada with new boyfriend Toni could mean she's already Ditch Colt entirely. Debbie knew Colt — who moved out of their house after Debbie and his wife Vanessa Guerra’s relationship soured — and whenever they sat down to talk, Colt threw a fit.

Meanwhile, Debbie has to let Colt know of her plans in Canada, but she fears her son will misunderstand and tell her he never wants to see her again. Fans are hoping Debbie's relationship with Colt heals and that she and Tony have a happy ending as well. The 90 Day Fiancé star is still with Tony and was recently spotted with him in British Columbia, confirming that the couple is successfully making it after filming on Season 3 of The Single Life stopped. But it must have been hard for her to let go of her codependent dynamic with Colt after all the huge losses in her life. So far, there has been no sign that things are back to normal between Debbie and her miracle baby Colt.

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