7 Bloodlines Revealed Before The Witcher Season 3

The Witcher: Bloodborne is a direct prequel to The Witcher, with major revelations that will have a lasting impact on season 3 and beyond.

This article contains spoilers for The Witcher: Blood Origin.

"The Witcher: Blood Origins" is the basic setting for the third season of "The Witcher". Netflix is ​​keen to make The Witcher a big, sprawling franchise, and the streaming giant hopes to make that happen with a slew of spinoffs. But it's important to understand that these aren't just prequels; the history of the continent is cyclical. “What happened will happen again,” Merwin declares at the beginning of The Witcher: Origins, and she’s absolutely right.

Of course, the danger of this type of storytelling is that the audience can speculate about the patterns before the characters and get bored. Jaskill's cameo in The Witcher: Origins, however, avoids this potential problem, as he tells the same story audiences hear. What's more, the end credits confirm that he followed the guidance of the mysterious storyteller in adapting the story of the first Witcher into what he calls "The Song of the Seven" - and it's reasonable to assume that Geralt and Ciri will encounter it. This means that (nearly) all of the revelations in The Witcher: Origins will soon be known to the main characters as well, ensuring a level playing field. Here are all the major twists and changes Legends viewers need to know ahead of season 3 of The Witcher that Geralt and Ciri's adventures will continue in that season.

7/7 The Witcher: Blood Origin Finally Explains The Conjunction Of The Spheres

Of course, the most important revelation is the interpretation of the celestial event, the celestial conjunction. The Witcher: Bloodborne builds on the ideas established in The Witcher season 3, confirming that mysterious monoliths scattered across the continent can indeed be used to travel through time. About 1200 years ago, the elves discovered (or, perhaps, rediscovered) how to use the monolith in this way, but in the uprising that overthrew the last elven golden empire, the dominion of the monolith was broken. The destruction of the monolith, which brought countless worlds and eras together, seemed to usher in a new era in which the different planes were more closely connected than before - a "sphere" described by Islin. era" era. This presumably explains Ciri's developmental capabilities.

6/7 The Origin Of The First Witcher Has Finally Been Revealed

The Witcher: Blood Origin reveals the backstory of the Witches, who are more closely connected to the Spheres than previously known. Fjal was the first wizard to undergo a version of the Trials of the Grass, infused with the blood of a monster steeped in Chaos. The power seems to have been diluted over time, as Geralt is nowhere near as powerful as Fjal. Thankfully, he's also not too erratic. It's unclear how much this revelation means to Geralt.

5/7 The Witcher: Blood Origin Reveals The Source Of Ciri's Elder Blood

The Witcher: Blood Origin reveals the truth about Old Blood. Ciri is a direct descendant of Fjal and √Čile, inheriting all the powers of the first Chaos creature. The Elves recognized the power of the Elder's Blood and sought to use it to create a being that could fulfill Islin's prophecy. However, their experiments with basic genetic engineering went awry, and the elven sorceress Laura Doron fell in love with a member of the Hinterland royal family and passed on the elder blood to the royal descendants. Ciri is the one whose arrival was prophesied long ago.

4/7 Jaskier Has Learned A(nother) Dark Prophecy About Ciri

Ithlinne's prophecy has already had a big impact on Ciri's life, but Jaskier now knows another prophecy. "It's time for the sphere," declares Ithlinne. "Aen Seidhe Lost in the sky. Adrift in time. Always looking for love... Lost. Left behind. The seed of the lark will take the first notes of a song that will end forever, and one of her Blood will sing to the end. Ciri has long sensed that she has the power to "burn the world," and this new prophecy suggests that her worst fears may come true. But it's important to note that Isrina's prophecies seem to guide history as well as It can be predicted; after all, without elven experiments, Ciri's bloodline would never have prospered. These words should not be believed.^ The Witcher: Blood Origin confirms that Chaos magic, the most powerful magic on the continent, originated in another world. That's important simply because it means The Witcher season 3 could introduce witches who make Yennefer look like a novice; after all, they've been seen before in a world where Chaos magic is more common. The lore in the franchise's development is especially important.^ The end credits scene of The Witcher: Bloodborne confirms that the elves from 1,200 years ago are refocusing on Ciri. Avallacq and Aredin are important characters in The Witcher lore - Eredin specifically because he is the leader of the Wild Hunt. Netflix has finally revealed the backstories of these characters; The background villains in the book, they are especially important in the lore of the game. Meanwhile, Avallac'h is already courting Ciri - even when she's shown spying on her while in Cintra. There is no doubt that he is plotting to use the power of Elder Blood, as he does in the books.

3/7 The Witcher: Blood Origin Reveals The Source Of Chaos Magic

Finally, The Witcher: Blood Origin introduces two new cosmic forces that may hold the key to the future. Minnie Driver's elf Storyteller claims to travel through time, and she apparently has plans of her own. Lauren S. Hissrich - the showrunner of the main series - has confirmed that the writers are actively discussing how to reintroduce the mysterious character, although it's worth noting that she seems to suggest it won't happen until season 4. Meanwhile, the elven wizard Balor has been manipulated to cast Chaos magic by another cosmic force, and he likely wants something like a sphere-merging to happen. The Witcher: Bloodborne sets up some big twists -- and, since Geralt and Ciri will soon know the story, they do, too.

2/7 Avallac'h & Eredin's Origin Has Been Revealed Ahead Of The Witcher Season 3

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1/7 The Witcher: Blood Origin Sets Up Two Cosmic Forces

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