13 Unpopular Christmas Movie Opinions (According to Reddit)

Reddit users have some unpopular things to say about Christmas movies.

Christmas movies seem to be a divisive thing. Beloved Christmas classics are hated by some (often for being too sentimental), and underappreciated films are considered classics by a small minority. Then there are the more unconventional Christmas movies like Die Hard, which lead to endless discussions as people keep debating their merits as Christmas movies.

While classics and their qualities seem to be set in stone, one look at Reddit proves otherwise. Still, there are many unpopular opinions.

The Christmas Movie Genre is Overrated

Every Christmas, people flock to the TV to watch old Christmas movies with their families. However, not everyone likes this, and some people have complete disdain for Christmas movies. Redditor corkelwhale wrote that most Christmas movies are "cheesy movies that serve no purpose other than to make money", ^they don't hate all Christmas movies but feel there's nothing new about the genre and it just makes Christmas movies Overrated overall. It's still not popular because the thread is full of people listing all the great Christmas movies that came out in the past few years, showing This may just be one person's opinion.

If there's one thing most people want to see in their Christmas movie, it's festive spirit and holiday cheer. However, some people totally hate this part of the genre. RedSonGamble wrote on Reddit that they wanted to have a little less fun during the holiday season.

Depressing Christmas Movies

"I want a depressing Christmas movie," they wrote. "He didn't get that girl's place. He didn't reconcile with family or wife." One Redditor mentioned Bad Santa, but the OP said there was even a happy ending. All they want is a sad Christmas movie, and the holidays can't even help that dream come true.

This may simply be due to the fact that Vince Vaughn's popularity as a major movie star has expired, but his Christmas film Fred Claus had a mostly mediocre opening. The film, which stars Vaughn as Santa's grumpy older brother, has a low 5.6 on IMDb and a 21% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, not everyone hates it.

Fred Claus is a great Christmas movie

A Redditor named mrf0520 said it was "underrated. A trie Vince Vaughn heater." While others thought it wasn't as bad as people Remember, they still prefer Four Christmases from Vaughan's Christmas films.

When it comes to "Christmas classics", a bunch of vintage black and white movies are usually held in high regard. "The Good Life," "Miracle on 34th Street," and the 1951 "Scrooge" movie are all classics, and all in black and white.

Old Black And White Movies

Unfortunately, this distinction upset this Reddit user (whose name has been removed), who said, "I don't like old black and white Christmas movies. Ugh, it feels good to say it lol."

Rankin /Bass Animated Entertainment is known for its stop motion animated TV specials/movies. These include Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Little Drummer Boy and Santa Claus coming to town.

The Rankin/Bass Movies

Most of these are considered animated Christmas classics, running continuously on television each year. Much to the chagrin of Reddit user Weiner365, he claimed, "I don't like any of the Rankin-Bass stop-motion Christmas movies at all. Some of the atmosphere in those movies frustrates me."

Redditor SuperMario1313 on Christmas and Christmas There were many unpopular opinions when it came to the film. One of them is "Jingle All Way is a great movie. This may not seem unpopular to those wallowing in '90s nostalgia, but the fact remains that Bon Voyage was not a wildly popular movie.

Jingle All The Way Is A Great Movie

Quite the contrary, in fact. It only 19% on Rotten Tomatoes (with an audience score of 38%), its 5.7 IMDb rating is pretty low compared to other well-loved Christmas movies.

Continuing SuperMario1313's post that "A Christmas Story isn't worth 24 hours"

A Christmas Story On TV

This Possibly especially controversial since TNT and TBS's annual A Christmas Story is one of the most popular shows during the holiday season. These shows continue to attract very high ratings on television, and repeated airings have helped make A Christmas Story a Christmas classic. ^While the TV special remains a classic to this day, Jim Carrey's live-action film proved more divisive. This view was expressed by this Reddit user (whose name has since been removed), "I don't think Jim Carrey's Grinch is any good. I have a hard time passing it on every year." However, this view may not be as They believe.

The film won two Razzies and has a moderate 49% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.2/10 on IMDb. Not a terrible score by any means, but it's not like the movie was widely loved.

Jim Carrey's Grinch

Perhaps the more unpopular opinion is not liking Elf. Unlike the live-action Grinch, "Genie" is widely loved. It has a 7.0/10 rating on IMDb, an 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (79% audience score), and grossed $222.9 million - a staggering amount for an original Christmas movie .

However, Reddit user sewingshadows didn't share that love, declaring: "I can't stand movie sprites. Never, ever."

Can't Stand Elf

The famous Die Hard debate may never end. It's a Christmas movie, isn't it? Can an action movie be a Christmas movie? Does a movie set at Christmas automatically become a Christmas movie, or does it need to have some sort of "Christmas personality"?

This question might be answered by Reddit user SquidThumbs, who claims, "Saying Die Hard is a Christmas movie makes as much sense as saying 7 Years in Tibet is a WWII movie. Just because Just because a movie is set in a time frame doesn't mean the movie is about that time frame. Happened at Christmas. The film is set on Christmas Eve/Christmas Eve and takes place in part during the office Christmas party" and "In 2018, Die Hard and A Christmas Story seem to follow roughly the same trend in relative frequency throughout the year.

Die Hard Is Not A Christmas Movie

However, these arguments seem to be refuted by Wilhelm_Van_Astrea, who claims, "Bruce Willis literally isn't a Christmas movie."

People are always looking for the next great Christmas movie. A Reddit user (whose name has been removed), claimed that "Klaus (on Netflix) is the best new Christmas movie in the last 15 years." ’ They further elaborated, ‘I was really trying to find something better and had to go back to Elf to find a better Christmas movie. ^They might be on to something here, as Krause currently holds a whopping 95% on Rotten Tomatoes (96% from audiences) and was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 92nd Academy Awards.

Die Hard IS A Christmas Movie

Love Actually is considered a modern Christmas classic, thanks in no small part to its stellar British cast. Judging by the very respectable 7.6/10 rating on IMDb, a lot of people seem to love the movie. However, it was hated by Reddit user Raidden, who bluntly stated that "Love Actually is a bad movie".

User merikus strongly agrees, saying, "I'm starting to have some real problems with Love Actually. Even considered writing an article about it because it's so sinister."

Klaus Is The Best Christmas Movie In 15 Years

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Love Actually Is Terrible

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