10 Great Fan Theories That Totally Change Back To The Future

Back to the Future is a movie to watch over and over again, but some wild theories could change the way audiences see Marty McFly's story.

From DeLorean to Marty McFly's orange vest, everything about Back to the Future is iconic in pop culture. The time-traveling adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown are endlessly rewatchable, and repeated viewings will allow fans to delve into the nuances of the story.

As a sci-fi franchise about time travel, Back to the Future's plot has many unanswered questions and elements that audiences have pondered for decades. As a result, these questions have spawned a plethora of fan theories that could change everyone's perception of the series forever.

George McFly Knew Marty Time Traveled

In the first film, Marty gets stuck in 1955 and accidentally messes up the timeline. To fix it, he enlists the help of his father, George. But this has led to a famous theory that once Marty travels back to 1985, George will know about his time travel adventures.

During their conversations and interactions, Marty mentions or refers to various futuristic things, such as Darth Vader, Calvin Klein, and the incident involving the McFly family's carpet being set on fire. Given that George is both an avid sci-fi fan and a writer, it makes perfect sense for him to realize this The "Calvin Klein" of 1955 was actually his future son. But knowing how tricky time travel is in terms of paradoxes, he won't mention that he knows about Marty's time travel shenanigans, explaining why he never says anything.

Doc Brown Murders Marty

"Back to the Future" may be one of the least complicated time travel movies, but there are still some confusing elements, such as the loop created by Marty from the first movie that still exists when he returns from 1955. Marty, who sees himself fleeing the Libyans and going back in time in this cycle, is the subject of another, darker theory.

Since Marty changed the timeline in 1955 to allow George to succeed, Marty in this new timeline will have a different upbringing. The theory states that Dr. Brown manipulated this new time machine to burn while traveling through time, killing Marty in the new timeline. He does this knowing that Marty, whom he met in 1955, will return soon, allowing him to still have the ability to time travel while closing the time loop.

Doc Changes Time To Save Marty From Biff

Back to the Future Part 2 is the sequel that many consider a better film than the original, but that doesn't mean It doesn't get rid of dark fan theories about the plot.

This theory involves the scene where Marty is on his hoverboard being chased through a tunnel by Biff in his car. At the last second, at the end of the tunnel, Doc reaches the DeLorean and saves Marty. But theory goes that initially, Biff managed to knock Marty down, and in order to save his friend, Doc went back in time to save him. This theory also explains how Doc knows where Marty is and when to fly in to save him, something fans have been questioning for years.

Doc's Views On Time Travel Change

Doc has always been rigid about changing the timeline, never wanting to change it for fear of the consequences it might have. However, there is a theory that Doc's views may have secretly changed by the end of the first film.

In the closing scene, when Marty is about to go back to 1985, he tells Doug what happened at the ball, and George punches Biff, a character change. Doc seemed taken aback by this, but just kept going. that moment, According to theory, Doc realizes that not all changes to the timeline are for the worst; some might be for the better, such as Marty's improved family life. That's why he doesn't protest this change in timeline and let it go on because he knows it's not a bad thing.

The Sports Almanac Can Change Like Marty's Picture

The sports yearbook Marty bought in the Future caused endless trouble in 1955 when it was stolen by the Future Biff and given to his younger self. But it may be more powerful than anyone imagined.

According to the franchise's time travel rules, if history changes, the almanac changes to reflect the timeline change, much like Marty's photo in the first film, which changes to reflect the timeline change. This makes the almanac incredibly powerful and almost unbeatable, unless someone changes history after placing a bet, which could lead to even more paradoxes - and even more headaches for everyone involved as they try to figure out the whole thing.

Doc Invented Present-Day Technology

There are many reasons why some consider Back to the Future Part III the best film in the series, but Doc's According to this theory, the existence of 1885 could change the future in ways he never intended.

Doc is an inventor who in 1885 had already invented things that should not have existed, such as refrigeration units to make ice. According to this theory, this has shifted the timeline so that such innovations are discovered more quickly, making further technological advances more likely, such as a massive technological leap by 2015. While Doc has strict rules about not changing the timetable in any way, that obviously doesn't apply to him making his life easier in 1885, and changing the timetable in the process.

The Lockard Theory

In a series of films filled with Chekhov's gun moments, viewers are bound to spot some similarities between the films. But this theory shows how the whole story mirrors itself from beginning to end, also known as crossover.

This theory, named after its creator, Robert Lockard, suggests that the entire franchise's story is symmetrical. How it begins is how it ends, with every major plot point mirrored at one point or another. For example, when the franchise opened, Marty was The invention of Doc, also occurs in the conclusion of the trilogy. DeLorean's debut and demise ended in exactly the same way, with the license plate spinning on the ground. Lockard's theory is extremely complex, but those who understand it may understand its truth.

The DeLorean Itself Can't Make Paradoxes

The star of the franchise is, of course, the time-traveling DeLorean. Despite its obvious importance, one theory suggests that it is believed that DeLorean may have helped prevent major paradoxes.

Citing what happened to the DeLorean multiple times to prevent the hypothetical paradox, theory states that DeLorean itself ensures that the paradox does not occur and jeopardizes the timeline. For example, in the first Back to the Future, immediately after going back to 1985, DeLorean flames out again, preventing Marty from going back to Doc in time to "save him" and meet his alter ego, which, according to Doc, will create a paradox. The theory cites the same thing happening several times: the car breaks down, preventing the paradox from happening, as if the car itself is preventing reality from being overturned.

Marty Had Second Thoughts About The Letter

In the first Back to the Future film, Marty writes a letter to Doc warning him about the future - a letter Doc immediately tore up. However, he eventually re-recorded it and read it, allowing him to survive.

But viewers have already noticed a key aspect of the second taped letter: the handwriting is different. This has led to theory that Marty was skeptical about writing the letter in the first place, apparently considering Docker's words that knowing his future could change everything completely. According to this theory, Marty was so conflicted that he tore out the original letter before deciding to save his friend at all costs, leading him to write a second letter. This is the second letter viewers have seen of him to Doc, explaining the different handwriting.

Doc Time Traveled Before Marty

In Back to the Future, Doc invents time travel and tests it on his dog, and Marty accidentally tests it himself while fleeing the Libyans. But according to this theory, Doc has tested DeLorean and proved that it can work.

This theory describes how Doc actually succeeded and managed to invent time travel in the 60's. But when Testing it by going back in time and returning, he altered the timeline and is now an unsuccessful and disgraced hermit. Dissatisfied with the way things have turned out, Doc decides to try again to change the past. But due to interference from the Libyans and Marty, the Doctor from the past is tainted with knowledge from the future, tests himself to travel through time early, and ends up burning his property like a few newspaper clippings seen at the Doctor's place in 1985 . It's such a complicated theory that it might actually be true.

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