10 Forgotten Games Based on Anime

Games like Yu-Gi-Oh's Duel Monsters have been popular for years, but what about other anime games?

Yu-Gi-Oh's 25th Anniversary Celebration is coming in 2023, and some old cards from the original series will be reprinted on April 21st. With Konami reprinting the original cards so many times, some fans felt the news was a little underwhelming. However, there is good news for new players who missed the first few sets.

The card game of Yu-Gi-Oh is often referred to simply as Yu-Gi-Oh, but in the animated series it is called Duel Monsters and is the main game in the series. Over the years, many other anime have included their own games that have been recreated in the real world, but some of them have faded from many fans' memories.


The game in Scan2Go focuses on microcars, where players drive their cars across a track that may pass through various hazards and obstacles. These cars can gain various effects through cards, and players can gain advantages to help themselves or confuse other players.

This game also exists in the real world, and it recreates the cars seen in the anime and the cards that come with them. There is a standard runway Also created for games, players can buy and use.

Dinosaur King

Rex is a bit like Pokémon, but card games are the most important aspect of the virtual reality world that the dinosaurs and protagonist Max are sent to. This card game also exists in the real world mainly as an arcade card game.

There is also a trading card game created separately from the arcade game, which focuses on utilizing various dinosaurs in duels. A video game using the same card game was also created for the DS.


A board game that many anime fans may have forgotten exists is one of the best Shonen Jump anime ever made, Hunter x Hunter, called Gungi, played by Meruem and Komugi. While the game does share some resemblance to games like chess, shogi, and shogi, it's a game that only exists in Hunter x Hunter.

Although the board game is only a small part of the overall animation, it is made to be an actual board game with full rules. The main disadvantage of The thing about this board game is that it's expensive, with most people spending over $400 to get it.

Capsule Monsters

Duel Monsters, one of Yu-Gi-Oh's best digital card games, is far from forgotten, but Capsule Monsters is not. Capsule Monsters is a game in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime series that is very similar to many popular turn-based strategy games.

Capsule Monsters rarely received a physical version of the game, however, there were a few different video games based on it, most notably Capsule Monster Coliseum on the PlayStation 2.

Cardfight Vanguard

Many anime series have tried to create something new as unique as Yu-Gi-Oh, centered around the card game. Cardfight Vanguard was one of the more successful games, but it never became a household name like Yu-Gi-Oh.

Despite this, the anime was so successful that the card game seen in the anime became the real thing. While the card game has since faded into obscurity, it continues to receive new cards and continues to have a fantasy focus.


Bakugan is the second appearance of Beyblade, whose animated series is called Bakugan Battle Brawler. The premise of the show is a game where fighting fighters fight Bakugan.

This quickly became a real game, with little spheres folded into different monsters, a concept not too different from Pokémon with Poké Balls. These orbs are shot down onto the door cards, and the first player to capture three cards is the winner.


In this anime series, characters called Controllers use so-called cores to summon Monsunos to fight in a very similar way to Pokémon. Once the battle is over, the controllers send the Monsuno back to their cores.

Created a card game for Monsuno in an attempt to replicate the show, and even had some cards come with cores. As with most TCGs, the TCG has added more content beyond the Monsuno cards to support a variety of decks.

Dungeon Dice Monsters

Dungeon Dice Monsters, another game that originated in Yu-Gi-Oh, is a more forgotten game than Capsule Monsters. However, those two, along with Duel Monsters, are the only games in the series to manage to get real physical versions.

rules The details of the game are detailed in the anime series, and the board game players can purchase is an official Yu-Gi-Oh product. Also released a Dungeon Dice Monsters video game for the GameBoy Advance, one of the best-selling Nintendo consoles.


Once upon a time, Beyblade, one of the best fantasy games in anime, was a very well-known anime and game, however, it has lost its status as a memorable franchise and faded into obscurity. The game focuses on using a spinning top with two players (sometimes more) pulling a rope launcher back into the arena.

The two tops then fly down, spinning and colliding with each other. There are multiple rounds, but the winner of each round is the top that has been spinning the longest. Some gyms also have out of bounds where one top can knock another out.

Duel Masters

Duel Masters is one of the most forgotten TCG series of all time, originally an anime series clearly inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh. The series received TCG almost immediately and was published in English by Wizards of the Coast, which also publishes Magic: The Gathering. after

The card series was discontinued in 2006 with the release of a new series, Kaijudo, from Wizards of the Coast. However, this TCG series didn't last until the end of 2014 either. While it's been nearly a decade since TCG ended, there's always the chance it'll return as the franchise kicks off a new anime series in 2022. ^Next: The Oldest Video Game Franchise Still Active Today

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