10 Best Reality TV Shows Like 9-1-1

9-1-1 may be a work of fiction, but these reality shows feature hard-working first responders around the world.

Season 6 of 9-1-1 launches in September 2022 and immediately welcomes viewers back into the world of its first responders. Whether it's the fire department, police, rescue services or medical professionals; whatever their profession, the show continues to showcase the hard-working individuals who save lives every day.

This may be a work of fiction, but it is very well founded. There are countless reality TV shows that focus on the same theme, following inspirational people who risk their lives to serve others around the globe. These shows should solve the problem like 9-1-1, while helping viewers continue to appreciate the work of these heroes.

Nightwatch (2015-)

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Emergencies can strike at any time, and nighttime proves to be especially dangerous. Set in New Orleans, Nightwatch follows 9-1-1 and multiple emergency departments as firefighters, ambulance drivers, police officers and various other characters try to save lives.

It perfectly highlights the amazing work these guys are doing to help their communities, and the show lets viewers learn about New Orleans itself, rather than skipping over the entire American story. Each mission is time-sensitive, completely unpredictable, and potentially life-or-death, and the audience wants to be a part of it.

The First 48 (2004)

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They say the first 48 hours are the most important in the survey, which is where the title The First 48 comes from. The must-see series is a must-see for fans of detective dramas and for those who enjoy the investigative aspects of 9-1-1.

A clock is ticking throughout the show as detectives across the United States scramble to find any significant leads, especially in murder cases, in order to serve justice and keep the public safe from criminals at large. It is a very refined piece that showcases the latest developments in the industry.

First Responders (2019-)

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9-1-1 may be a show about first responders, but it gets a surprisingly accurate portrayal of these professions. One of the best reality TV shows that many people love is "First Responder". This is another series that follows the lives of its heroes across America, rather than in specific locations.

Multiple occupations are shown here, and these occupations are often depicted with a graphic side Beats, every department working together to get the best out of a tragic event. The film crews are really on the front lines here, trying to paint a true version of events as they happened.

999: What's Your Emergency? (2012-)

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Traveling to the UK, the equivalent of 911 is 999, which is the number for citizens seeking emergency help. 999: What is your urgent matter? Take a slightly different approach than tracking down each narrative. Track every stage of the first responder process, starting with the call center.

From broadcasting calls yourself to seeing how different departments communicate with each other before an ambulance, fire brigade, police or other similar services arrive on the scene; every aspect of this show tries to ensure that no part of the operation is aired.

Trauma: Life In The E.R.

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Many people forget that the TLC reality show, Trauma: Life in the ER never shies away from its subject matter. In fact, the realistic portrayal of the ER often shocks viewers, refusing to compromise just how tough the character is.

Since each episode focuses on a series of hospitals, the show wanted to focus on This team isn't usually thought of as first responders, but they deal with the impact of tragic situations and accidents every hour of the day. This is an important reminder of the skill level of these experts.

Extreme Rescues (2020)

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9-1-1 is about how people were saved in extreme situations. Typically, the background is a traditional one; such as a city or town. However, Extreme Rescues begs the question, what if the emergency in question occurred on more difficult terrain?

Through footage captured from rescuers, the show traces its roots both in the United States and internationally, as unique rescue departments put their grueling training into practice. Cliffsides and choppy rivers are just some of the deadly environments viewers will witness.

Live Rescue (2019-)

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Some 9-1-1 fans may have seen Live PD, a police procedural reality show about police emergencies across America. While the spin-off Live Rescue: Emergency Response also exists, the focus here is on the original Live Rescue, itself a PD spin-off.

Firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics are often the first on the scene of a major incident, and The camera is right at the center of the situation. These are true stories with real heroes who are some of the most skilled in the field and make the toughest decisions.

COPS (1989-2022)

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Traditional cops are usually what most reality shows like to emulate, but COPS doesn't stop there. It analyzes the entire police department, from state troopers to sheriffs to traditional officers, each covering a variety of interesting cases.

This is not just an emergency response, as is often the case with 9-1-1. It also touches on ongoing investigations and the ways in which these professionals are trying to keep the peace in the community. It's a long-running reality show that has evolved over time to try to address criticism by force.

Emergency (2015-)

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While most series cover broad territory in order to portray the most interesting and important stories to viewers, Urgent focuses on only two hospitals. Specifically, these hospitals are located in Canada and have some of the busiest emergency rooms.

Those who work in these environments are certainly the unsung heroes. While fans of "Grey's Anatomy" will be familiar with the moments that could come As was the case with 9-1-1, this series strips away the drama of those fictional scenarios and tells the truth about the hardships and miracles these operators did.

999: Rescue Squad (2018-)

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Back in the UK, and more specifically Yorkshire, this series points to a very specific rescue team operating in particularly remote and difficult terrain. Rural responders must take full advantage of hazard areas.

They are well equipped and trained to respond to changing and evolving conditions, greatly influenced by location and weather, while saving lives. 9-1-1 had to deal with some situations like that, but this team deals with these moments every day.

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