What Survivor's Scratch Maiorano Has Been Up To Since Season 32

Survivor's Scratch Maiorano was considered a scalawag amid his time on season 32. Since at that point, Scratch has been active with family life and being a father.

Survivor has included numerous scalawags over its 43 seasons, but Kâoh Rōng's Scratch Maiorano is one of the foremost underrated reprobates within the show's history, taking an interest in season 32 in 2016. The season was shot in Cambodia and was a "Brains vs. Strength vs. Excellence" season, as the beginning tribes part into contenders that encapsulated one of the three characteristics.

Scratch was a individual coach amid his time on Survivor and begun the diversion as a part of Gondol, the "Magnificence" tribe. He was striking for having an up-and-down relationship with the season's possible Survivor champ, Michele Fitzgerald. Michele characterized Scratch as presumptuous and condescending, driving to one of her most well-known minutes when she decidedly expressed, "I do not got to be carried, bro," in a confessional approximately Scratch. Scratch survived the game's pre-merge parcel - in huge portion since his tribe never went to Tribal Board - but he was voted out in his exceptionally to begin with Tribal Committee and got to be the jury's moment part.

Nick Maiorano Is Married And Has A Baby Boy

Since showing up on Survivor in 2016, Nick's life has changed very a bit. He has changed careers, going from individual preparing to getting to be a TV author and official maker. His individual life has too gone through changes since Survivor. Single amid his time on the appear, Scratch would every so often joke around dating his Survivor match Michele, but in spite of getting to be companions after their season, their relationship never came to realization (at slightest, not to open information). Scratch hitched his spouse, Kaila Fritz Maiorano, and they as of late invited their to begin with child, Remy, in November 2022. Scratch posted the news on his Instagram and was met with congrats from numerous Survivor graduated class, counting his season 32 cast mate Michele.

Nick's notoriety with fans has moreover moved a bit since his Survivor appearance. Portrayed as self-important and careless amid his season, Scratch has appeared a diverse side of himself amid podcast appearances on Victimize Features a Podcast. Tenderly alluded to as the "Maio Jolt" by have and previous Survivor All-Star Victimize Cesternino, Scratch talked about Survivor a few times since his season. Nick's identity and sense of humor on the podcast run counter to his portrayal in Survivor, as he has for the most part been exceptionally cheerful and self-deprecating, building a inviting affinity with Ransack and RHAP collaborator Josh Wigler. Scratch hasn't showed up on the podcast since 2020 and has been keeping a reasonably moo profile on social media for the final few a long time, but he shows up to keep in touch with the Survivor community.

In spite of the fact that Scratch isn't one of the foremost infamous Survivor lowlifess of all time, he was still a extraordinary character on the appear and has as it were built bolster since playing. He's likely not at the beat of Survivor's list of players to bring back for a future returnee season, but he would be a welcome but shocking choice to allow a moment chance at the diversion. With a few a long time of life encounter since his time on the appear, he'd likely play a much distinctive diversion, and it would be energizing to see him provide Survivor another go.

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