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The Strolling Dead at long last came to an conclusion after twelve a long time within the zombie end of the world, but the finale didn't truly feel like a fitting conclusion to the appear.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead finale.

| After twelve a long time within the zombie end of the world, The Strolling Dead season 11 at last brought the long-running AMC arrangement to an conclusion, but the finale oddly felt more like a starting than an finishing. The final scenes of The Strolling Dead's last season were a celebration of the history of the arrangement, counting numerous throwbacks to past seasons that reminded watchers fair why they fell in adore with the appear. Whereas the arrangement finale, "Rest in Peace," wrapped up a few free closes, there are still numerous secrets cleared out to disentangle, and with a number of spinoffs on the way, it appears that The Strolling Dead isn't really coming to an conclusion.

The Strolling Dead season 11 finale highlighted the center gather of survivors banding together in an endeavor to remove oppressive Representative Pamela Milton from her position at the beat of the Commonwealth. Enduring misfortunes along the way, most strikingly Luke and Rosita, the communities came together and battled for opportunity, with a time hop uncovering that peace had at last been found between the Commonwealth, Alexandria, and the Peak Colony. In spite of this having the potential of a fulfilling finishing, the reality that there are three major up and coming spinoffs implied that a part of setup required to be done, and numerous questions were cleared out unanswered.

Season 11 presented the Commonwealth to the establishment, a gigantic community made up of 50,000 citizens, driven by the degenerate Milton family. Whereas the primary two parts of The Strolling Dead season 11 built up the tension inside the Commonwealth, the ultimate scenes saw Pamela at long last snap after the passing of her child, casting blame on Eugene and estranging numerous of the most survivors. Numerous were unsure almost how the Commonwealth storyline would be wrapped up in many scenes, and whereas it did feel hurried towards the conclusion, with numerous plot lines dropped with no determination, the finishing that was given was exceptionally unsurprising.

The Commonwealth Arc's Ending Was Predictable

Pamela Milton being ousted had to happen in arrange for the center gather of survivors to at last discover peace. Pamela's crave to give up her possess individuals in arrange to save herself had points of reference when looking back at The Strolling Dead season 11, as usually the same behavior that Sebastian displayed when he'd been sending individuals into a walker-infested house, and acted as the summit of lesson isolate storylines that had been appeared all through the season. Indeed the occasions after the time hop, with Eugene taking over as the unused Commonwealth Representative, seem have been anticipated, since comparable plots have happened some time recently, particularly with Rick's bunch entering Alexandria for the primary time.

In spite of tying up numerous free closes, The Strolling Dead's series finale still cleared out numerous questions unanswered, a few of which may be returned to amid the up and coming spinoffs. For starters, in spite of the fact that they were seen to a more prominent degree amid The Strolling Dead finale, the variation walkers weren't truly touched on at all, indeed after being built up to be a more noteworthy risk amid The Strolling Dead's last scenes. The reality that they were made to appear for all intents and purposes unimportant maybe proposes that they'll highlight more conspicuously within the spinoffs, possibly within the Daryl Dixon arrangement, as this will take put in France where the infection and its variation are suggested to have started from.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Left Many Mysteries Unsolved

The riotous relationship between Maggie and Negan gotten a lovely finishing amid The Strolling Dead's arrangement finale, so there are presently questions around how the combine discover themselves back in each other's company amid their spinoff, The Strolling Dead: Dead City. There were moreover numerous Commonwealth plot lines that didn't get completed, such as the personalities of their numerous potential organizations together and the vile "Assignment 2" that's never really uncovered. With the up and coming Strolling Dead spinoffs spreading the most characters over the world, it's impossible that any riddles encompassing the Commonwealth will be revealed, particularly since it appears as in spite of the fact that the CRM will be the center of these arrangement.

Indeed in spite of the fact that The Strolling Dead season 11 attempted to bring the arrangement to a fulfilling conclusion, it really worked way better at presenting storylines that will continue into TWD's up and coming spinoffs. It can be argued that the spinoff setup highlighted within the arrangement finale, "Rest in Peace," was the foremost considered angle, as key scenes were included that made a difference to touch off fervor for the modern appears. Maggie and Negan got their most touching scenes however, which saw the changed reprobate apologize for killing Glenn, and Maggie expressing she can't forgive him, but needs to undertake and move on, which makes the opportunity for encourage advancement amid Negan and Maggie's spinoff, Dead City.

The Walking Dead Series Finale's Spinoff Setup Was The Best Part

After finding out about Rick's conceivable survival, Michonne's journey to seek for him, and the truth almost the variation walkers, Maggie sends Daryl on a mission to discover out more almost the world. Observing Daryl ride off into the remove was maybe the culminate finishing for The Strolling Dead and the culminate way to bother his up and coming spinoff, Daryl Dixon, which can see the beloved legend engaging walkers in France. The foremost astounding setup, be that as it may, came with the return of both Rick and Michonne, setting the arrange for their arrangement which is set to reveal where Rick has been since his takeoff within The Strolling Dead season 9.

Since The Strolling Dead season 9, scene 5, "What Comes After," Rick Grimes had been thought dead by the other survivors, in spite of the fact that Daryl had went through a long time looking for him and Michonne and Judith in the long run learned the truth. It appears that, indeed after his clear passing, Rick was still the heart and soul of the bunch, with them basing a parcel of their ensuing choices on the address, "what would Rick do?" Gatherings of people were trusting to see Rick's return amid The Strolling Dead season 11 finale, and were not baffled as the ultimate scenes included Rick and Michonne composing letters over isolated campfires, not however rejoined.

Rick Grimes Is Still The Walking Dead's Heart

Seeing Andrew Lincoln repeat his much-loved role was, to numerous, the most excellent portion of The Strolling Dead's finale, especially after the appear had been its most divisive after the character's season 9 takeoff. For a long time, Rick was the stick that held the survivors together and held the audience's consideration, so it was fantastic to see him at long last return as Rick Grimes amid the ultimate minutes of "Rest in Peace," flawlessly setting the organize for his return nearby Danai Gurira as Michonne amid their up and coming spinoff. With long run looking shinning for the establishment, The Strolling Dead arrangement finale cleared out the entryway wide open for these stories to proceed.

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