Star Trek's George Takei Reacts To William Shatner's Biting Comments

George Takei fires back at Star Journey co-star William Shatner's "biting" comments, as the two long-time competing accomplices proceed their open quarrel.

George Takei reacts to William Shatner calling previous Star Journey stars “bitter.” It has been about 60 a long time since the voyages of the Starship Venture started with Quality Roddenberry’s groundbreaking 1966 TV arrangement Star Trek:TOS. Broadly, Roddenberry’s Star Journey ground rules banished interpersonal strife between the characters from damaging the show’s star-hopping activity. But the show’s cast individuals made up for the need of onscreen strife by locks in in bounty of behind-the-scenes dramatization.

Nearly six decades on from Star Trek’s notorious three-year run as a TV marvel, most of the show’s primary cast individuals have tragically passed on. But Sulu performing artist Takei and Kirk on-screen character Shatner are still exceptionally much around and still exceptionally much within the open eye. Shockingly, Takei and Shatner appear to for the most part lock in with each other by killing back and forward, to a great extent on social media. As of late, Shatner let go a modern salvo in his progressing fight with Takei, charging the Sulu performing artist of being biting and of utilizing Shatner’s title for reputation. Presently Takei has let go back, reacting to Shatner in a unused meet with The Gatekeeper. See Takei’s comments within the space underneath:

“I know he came to London to promote his book and talked about me wanting publicity by using his name. So I decided I don’t need his name to get publicity. I have much more substantial subject matter that I want to get publicity for, so I’m not going to refer to Bill in this interview at all. Although I just did. He’s just a cantankerous old man and I’m going to leave him to his devices. I’m not going to play his game.”

The History Of Takei and Shatner's Feud

Takei in his unused Gatekeeper meet moreover alludes to Shatner as a "prima donna," an allegation that echoes past comments by the Sulu on-screen character portraying Shatner’s behavior on the set of Star Journey: TOS. Takei once described a particular occurrence in which he blamed Shatner of closing down generation for a entire day since he was desirous of a photo shoot Leonard Nimoy was doing for TV Direct. Shatner for his portion claimed in his 2008 book Star Journey Recollections that Takei harmed him as they shot a sword battle for the TOS scene “The Bare Time.”

The awful blood between Takei and Shatner at that point proceeded into the period of enormous screen Star Journey. Takei undoubtedly was so tired of Shatner’s prima donna act by 1987 that he about pulled out of Star Journey V after learning the Kirk performing artist had been contracted to coordinate. Another heightening took put in 2008 when debate ejected over whether Shatner had been welcomed to Takei’s wedding to accomplice Brad Altman. In spite of the fact that Shatner and Takei have been shot together looking inviting at different occasions in later a long time, it appears each man continuously says something to re-trigger the fight. Takei once indeed shaded Shatner’s well known trip to space on Jeff Bezos’ rocket, calling the Kirk performing artist a insignificant “guinea pig.” Shatner as well has kept things going on social media, as within the 2022 post where he expelled Takei as a “day player” who has made fantasies in order to keep himself within the press.

Who is right and who is off-base in this progressing fight is genuinely inconceivable to say. On the one hand, it would be decent on the off chance that these two ancient co-stars would at final bury the ax, as their fighting tends to partition Star Journey fans who feel the got to take a side. On the other hand, the killing is to a great extent safe and can be very engaging. Eventually, it appears Shatner and Takei are both men who appreciate a great verbal fighting coordinate, and each man is clearly competent of holding his possess, so it appears improbable the quarrel will conclusion any time before long.

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