Pokémon Red & Violet: Where to Discover Oval Stone (& What It’s For)

The Oval Stone is an Advancement Thing in Pokémon Red & Violet that Coaches can secure by investigating different parts of the Paldea locale.

Comparative to the Metal Coat or Razor Claw, the Oval Stone is an Advancement Thing in Pokémon Red & Violet that includes some additional prerequisites some time recently the relating take beast advancement can happen. More particularly, Coaches must grant the Oval Stone to Normal-type Happiny. In case Happiny levels up during the daytime whereas holding this stone, it'll advance into the Normal-type Chansey. Luckily, the leveling parcel amid the day is moderately direct to total. On the other hand, the desired Oval Stone can be precarious to get, because it isn't sold at the Delibird Presents shops or tied to any progression-related compensate.

The Oval Stone can as it were be obtained through investigation, meaning that Coaches must comb certain parts of the world to come across the stone as a Poké Ball hub in Pokémon Red & Violet. The primary and most open area where players can find this Advancement Thing is at the coastal town of Levinicia, a settlement east of Mesagoza. To discover the Oval Stone, go the moment road south of the Pokémon Center. Turn cleared out and drive to the conclusion of the walkway on the proper. The Oval Stone will be beneath a tree close distributing machines.

Finding Oval Stones in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The moment Oval Stone area in Pokémon Red & Violet can be found within the mountain run of North Territory (Range Two), north of Levinicia. The stone is found within the northern portion of the range, west of Region Two's Pokémon Center. Due to the game's glitchy draw separate, it can be difficult to spot from a far distance, but players will in the long run falter upon the Advancement Thing in the event that they see inside the common region.

A third Oval Stone can be found close the southern shores of the enormous Casseroya Lake within the northwestern portion of the Paldea outline in Pokémon Red & Violet. YouTuber Gamer Guides has given gameplay film uncovering the fourth Oval Stone area within the underground pathways of the Alfornada Cavern in South Territory (Range Six). In case players begin from West Province (Region One) - Central and take after the most street to the south, they will inevitably experience a cavernous entrance driving into the cave. The Oval Stone for Happiny can be found on one of the tall edges neglecting the open cavern in Pokémon Red & Violet.

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