One Rick & Morty Joke Makes A Season 1 Character Indeed More Disquieting

Rick and Morty season 6 brought back a repeating supporting character and overseen to form the show's saddest running joke indeed more discouraging.

Warning: Spoilers for Rick and Morty season 6, episode 7.

| The Butter Robot to begin with seen in Rick and Morty season 1 is still stuck within the same existential emergency that it was in a long time back and, on the off chance that anything, season 6 has made its part in life indeed more regrettable. Rick and Morty has so numerous minor supporting characters that it can be extreme to keep track of all of them. It was certainly a astonish to see Mr. Poopybutthole, who hadn’t been on the series for nearly a complete season, convey a moving post-credits monolog to wrap up Rick and Morty’s unstable season 5 finale.

Essentially, it was stunning to see both Story Master and Jesus Christ return to Rick and Morty in season 6’s South Park-mocking scene 7. What was less shocking, but more terrible, was seeing the Butter Robot from season 1 return in Rick and Morty season 6, scene 7, “Full Meta Jackrick”, exclusively so it seem drag a lever for Rick. Whereas it’s ambiguously cheerful that the robot’s work has extended from fair passing butter, the thought that this creation has mulled in never-ending hopelessness for the complete time that watchers have been observing Rick and Morty feels lovely bleak for the destitute fellow.

Whereas it would appear like picking up a modern reason might offer assistance the Butter Robot with its existential battle, instep, the Butter Robot sounds indeed more hopeless when educated of his modern reason in “Full Meta Jackrick.” The reason that Rick and Morty season 6’s show-shaking meta scene gave the Butter Robot a modern work is twofold. For one thing, this fortifies the episode’s repeating topic that any staid, comfortable traditions still show in Rick and Morty’s anarchic narrating are almost to be overturned, counting those as straightforward as the Butter Robot’s solitary reason for presence. Most imperatively, in any case, the Butter Robot’s unused part really legitimizes its return.

Why The Butter Robot No Longer Has One Purpose

Much like Mr. Poopybutthole’s comeback offer watchers modern understanding into his life since he was final seen on Rick and Morty, the Butter Robot’s unused work gives the arrangement a reason to bring back the character and overhaul watchers on its destiny. The Butter Robot may not be upbeat around its modern part in life, but Rick and Morty is still able to deliver the Sisyphean figure a modern reason to legitimize its consideration within the scene. Much like Rick and Morty season 6’s Previous Leon is improbable to seem on the arrangement once more unless the scholars can come up with a unused, unique utilize for him, the Butter Robot required a unused reason to justify its return.

The Butter Robot is additionally briefly seen in Rick and Morty season 4, scene 9 "Childrick of Mort," in an appearance that demonstrates its parcel in life has gotten no more blessed within the interceding a long time. As such, its appearance in “Full Meta Jackrick” affirms that the character is Rick and Morty’s saddest running choke. Whereas Mr. Poopybutthole may have been in a dim put the final time that watchers checked in on him, the character has too had upbeat, triumphant minutes within the arrangement. Be that as it may, indeed in a meta scene where season 6 annihilated Rick and Morty’s equation, the arrangement still cleared out Rick and Morty’s saddest supporting character with a inconsequential reason.

Why The Butter Robot Is Rick & Morty's Saddest Ongoing Joke

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