Namor & Dark Puma Are Joining Up Against The Justice fighters

Dark Jaguar and Namor The Sub-Mariner are making an startling group as the two heroes are taking on the Justice fighters in a brand-new Wonder Comics story.

Spoilers for Black Panther #13 by Marvel Comics

One of Marvel's greatest competitions is changing in a enormous way, as Dark Puma and Namor the Sub-Mariner are joining up to require on the Justice fighters. In a brand-new see for Dark Puma #13 by Wonder Comics, the Justice fighters will be battling T'Challa, driving to Namor joining his individual hero's side in one of the foremost unexpected team-ups highlighting the effective characters.

Within the pages of Wonder Comics, Dark Panther and Namor have long had a disagreeable relationship that has brought about within the countries of Wakanda and Atlantis warring with one another. Everything from legislative issues, stolen tech, and control fights have set Dark Puma and Namor the Sub-Mariner against one another, as the two Justice fighters have never seen eye-to-eye. Namor has indeed overflowed Wakanda within the act of war, a storyline that was as of late adjusted to the Wonder Cinematic Universe. In any case, in a modern comedian, the match are (briefly) putting their past behind them and joining up to require on the Justice fighters.

Wonder Comics as of late uncovered that Dark Jaguar and Namor would be battling nearby one another within the up and coming Dark Puma #13 by John Ridley and German Peralta from Wonder Comics. After the Ruler of Wakanda is banished from his domestic and booted from the Justice fighters, he will connect powers with Namor the Sub-Mariner. The antihero will come to his longtime rival's side as apparently everybody else within the Wonder Universe has turned their back on him.

Namor and Black Panther's Team Up Is The Last Thing Readers Expected

Namor and Dark Puma joining up is unquestionably startling, as they've continuously detested one another. Be that as it may, with the Vindicators turning their consideration to T'Challa, it shows up Namor is venturing up to assist him. Check out the content request for Dark Jaguar #13 by Wonder Comics, which highlights an epic cover of Namor and Dark Jaguar from craftsman Miguel Mercado.

BLACK PANTHER #13 will depict a heated battle between T’Challa and the Avengers, and just when all seems lost, an unexpected ally arrives at the fray to stand at T'Challa's side! Enter Namor! The most bitter rivalry in Marvel Comics reaches a surprising turning point, but will T’Challa accept Namor’s help or make him pay for the pain he's inflicted on Wakanda in the past?

What brings the two previous rivals together remains to be seen, but with Dark Jaguar being ousted from Wakanda and kicked off the Vindicators, he can utilize all the assistance he can get - indeed within the shape of his arch-nemesis, Namor the Sub-Mariner. Perusers can see Namor and T'Challa's team-up against the Vindicators unfurl in Dark Jaguar #13 from Wonder Comics, which arrives in comedian book stores in 2023.

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