Maggie & Negan's Strolling Dead Spinoff Uncovered In Dead City Trailer

A unused secret trailer for The Strolling Dead: Dead City uncovers scenes of Maggie and Negan in Modern York City after the occasions of the most show's finale.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead series finale.

A unused mystery trailer has been discharged for Maggie and Negan's up and coming The Strolling Dead spinoff, titled The Strolling Dead: Dead City. The modern arrangement will take after Maggie and Negan as they investigate a post-apocalyptic Modern York City taking after the occasions of The Strolling Dead arrangement finale. Whereas points of interest approximately the arrangement stay scanty, Dead City is set to present unique characters to the zombie establishment, counting Pearlie Armstrong (Gaius Charles), Amaia (Karina Ortiz), and "The Croat" (Zeljko Ivanek). The arrangement too guarantees to proceed investigating Maggie and Negan's tense relationship since of Negan's past sins.

The Strolling Dead YouTube channel as of late discharged a secret trailer for The Strolling Dead: Dead City spinoff, displaying 20 seconds of the up and coming arrangement. Whereas watchers can capture a see of characters like Pearlie, the Croat, and somebody using a set of horns as a weapon, the plot of the arrangement remains wrapped in secret. Check out the Dead City mystery trailer underneath:

Everything We Know About Walking Dead: Dead City

Whereas the trailer doesn't uncover anything particular around the plot of Dead City, the pictures it presents coupled with what small has been uncovered almost the arrangement grant some insights as to what groups of onlookers can anticipate. The Dead City trailer demonstrates that Maggie and Negan will come over a bunch of survivors within the Huge Apple who are utilizing the end of the world as a shape of amusement. A sign perusing "First light Lincoln Center come murder with us" can be seen in one of the shots, as well as a scene of a man in a wrestling ring battling a Walker. With Dead City set a number of a long time after The Strolling Dead, it's conceivable the appear will utilize Modern York to depict a world that has ended up so utilized to the undead, they presently utilize them as a frame of high-octane, perilous fun.

The trailer moreover gives watchers a closer see at the dangers Maggie and Negan will have to be face within the city, particularly within the shape of creepy-looking Walkers. Zombies appeared within the trailer appear to act in much the same way as any other, but one whose head shows up to be staying out of a meaty boundary may be a perilous variation. The trailer too appears a secretive man in a biker-style head protector that Maggie and Negan are around to trap, with a afterward shot uncovering the figure to be the Croat. On the off chance that the Croat turns out to be the show's human reprobate, at that point it may clarify why Jeffrey Dignitary Morgan prodded the return of ancient Negan in Dead City, grasping his past to bargain with the Croat since of the danger he postures to both himself and Maggie.

How The Walking Dead Ending Can Lead Into Dead City

The Strolling Dead: Dead City trailer appears watchers what Maggie and Negan will be managing with in Unused York City, but there aren't any signs as to how or why the match conclusion up within the Huge Apple. Be that as it may, the arrangement finale of The Strolling Dead underscores how Maggie is incapable to pardon Negan after what he did to Glenn, indeed in spite of the fact that she recognizes that he's earned his put among the center survivors. Negan at that point strolls off, with no affirmation in the event that he remained in Alexandria with Annie or in the event that he meandered off alone after his last discussion with Maggie. With Maggie prodding Dead City as her endeavor to find more of the world, it's conceivable her individual mission is what brings her and Negan together by chance. Maybe The Strolling Dead's up and coming spinoff can correct the pressure between the two whereas telling a compelling story.

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