John Leguizamo Meet: Rough Night

Rough Night's devious lowlife, John Leguizamo, talks about why awful folks have more fun and reflects on his early days with Miami Bad habit.

Santa gets an action-hero makeover in Rough Night, which envisions the sprightly ancient gift-giver as the star of an R-rated excite ride. David Harbor plays Santa, a sharp and frustrated ancient man. He finds himself pushed back into activity when his yearly Christmas schedule is hindered by a prisoner circumstance. A family driven by a affluent authority (Beverly D'Angelo) is held prisoner by a gather of offenders driven by "Mr. Tightwad," played by John Leguizamo. Actually, Santa can't fair stand by and let treachery go unanswered, so he does what anybody would do: bounce into activity and kick a few butt.

John Leguizamo is incredible as Mr. Tightwad, making the foremost of his constrained screen time by commanding each minute with rise to parts danger and humor. He gets to gush incalculable awful one-liners whereas standing around terrifying individuals. It's a delicious part, and Leguizamo is clearly having a amazing time as he sinks his teeth into each minute.

Whereas advancing the discharge of Rough Night, John Leguizamo talked to Screen Tirade approximately his part within the film. He talks almost getting to play the terrible fellow and how villains are continuously the most excellent parts in Hollywood. He moreover talks around the early days of his career and how he got his begin on Miami Bad habit, which he depicts as the as it were appear at the time that would enlist Latino on-screen characters.

John Leguizamo on Violent Night

Screen Rage: This is often so cool. John Leguizamo, one of the extraordinary. Hi, how are you doing?

John Leguizamo: Oh, thank you. I'm doing great, man, now that you're here.

You're an symbol in my house, but you play a genuine Miser in this one. You've got a genuine reason for it, so you're not fair an purge mustache-twirler, but is it a enchant to urge to play a terrible fellow?

John Leguizamo: Oh man. The bad guys are the best roles in Hollywood. Your action film is only as good as your villain. There's a lot of pressure that comes with it, but also a lot of fun. I mean, I get the best lines, I get to punch a lot of people and not hurt anybody! It's the best day at work!

You built up yourself as a awesome awful fellow from day one, in one of the most prominent hours of tv ever gathered: Miami Bad habit, season 2, "Children and Lovers." That was essentially the primary thing you did, right?

John Leguizamo: Yeah! I was 19 years old. I was just out of college. Here I was in my first role. It was incredible. I mean, it was the only show in that era that had Latin people in it! I was so happy to be part of it. And it gave me my start, yeah.

It was a odd thing where you came back as Orlando once more, but at that point...

John Leguizamo: I know! I told him! I told Michael Mann, I told Bonnie Timmerman, the casting agent, I said, "But I was the son of Miguel PiƱero, the villain of the piece! And now I'm coming back as a different...?" And he goes, "Ah, they won't know." I go, "Thanks a lot! I take pride in my work!"

Back to Rough Night, are you a Christmas fellow?

John Leguizamo: Oh yeah, back in the day... Obviously, it's a big time for me to be at home with all my family. And when I say all my family, I mean all my Latin family! It's massive. It's like, 40 of us for Christmas. And it's always... We always have Latin food. It's either Dominican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, or Colombian food that we have.

I fair wish that the Hondurans and Salvadorans would halt quibbling over who concocted the pupusa. The Salvadorans say they did, but as a Honduran, I kinda need to adhere with my side.

John Leguizamo: Dude, I love pupusas! I've gotta say, I got turned on to them in Berkeley Rep, oh man, it was the most delicious thing, con cortadito, cortado [a Cuban coffee drink]. And the pickled cabbage on top. With the cheese inside? Oh man, it's the best.

About Violent Night

An tip top group of hired fighters breaks into a family compound on Christmas Eve, taking everybody prisoner interior. In any case, they aren't arranged for a astonish combatant: Santa Claus is on the grounds, and he's approximately to appear why this Scratch is no holy person.

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