GoT’s Maisie Williams & 9 Other On-screen characters Who Abhorred Their TV Character Endings

From Diversion of Thrones' Maisie Williams to The Wire's Idris Elba and TWD's Laurie Holden, find which TV performing artists loathed their character's endings.

Days after the inaugural season of HBO's hit spinoff arrangement House of the Mythical beast concluded, Amusement of Positions of royalty star Maisie Williams freely criticized the heading of the acclaimed daydream drama's 8th and last season. In a live Jerk stream with her brother (through EW), Williams communicated that she felt Diversion of Positions of authority "certainly fell off at the conclusion" of its run, which adjusts with numerous fans of the appear who felt the arrangement finale was seriously underwhelming.

Williams isn't the as it were high-profile TV on-screen character who loathed their character's conclusion. In truth, there's a long track record of on-screen characters coming out after their individual TV appears concluded to talk approximately their apprehensions with their parts, how they were spoken to, what they stood for, and more.

Maisie Williams Was Devastated She Didn't Get To Kill Cersei On Game Of Thrones

As implied to, Maisie Williams as of late took to Jerk to precise her fair supposition approximately where the course of the all-time extraordinary HBO TV appear Amusement of Positions of authority eventually went and how her character advanced (or declined) for the most noticeably awful. In May 2019, Williams moreover voiced lament to EW over her character, Arya Stark, being denied the chance to slaughter Cersei Lannister, expressing, "It was a stun for me since that wasn’t how I imagined her bend going this year."

In her later comments, Williams conceded that whereas GoT "begun off truly solid, it kind of popped off. I might never see it from the exterior. So I seem never say that and really get it it." Williams too expressed she was "shattered" over the passing of her father Ned Stark in spite of "knowing it was coming."

Penn Badgley Was Not Happy That Dan Was Gossip Girl

Penn Badgley has talked out against his character Dan Humphrey's conclusion on the hit CW sentimental show Prattle Young lady, in which he was uncovered to be the brains behind the main character. Concurring to a 2013 meet with Vulture, Badgley conceded that "I ought to chomp my tongue there. The conclusion was unusual for me, for all of us."

In a full-throated rage against the CW show's finale and his character particularly, Badgley included "That has been my issue with tv — you begin with something genuine, and it inevitably gets to be, against all chances. That’s not the writers’ blame. It’s fair the nature of tv. And that’s why after so numerous a long time of working in it, I was, Truly? I cannot do this any longer." Considering that Dan Humphrey had tormented his classmates for a long time, unveiled a few of their most profound privileged insights and attacked their security, counting his wife's, Serena's, it didn't appear right that he got his cheerful finishing.

Katherine Heigl Was Not Happy With Alex And Izzie's Reunion In Grey's Anatomy

Katherine Heigl made waves for criticizing the fabric and quality of composing her Grey's Life systems character, Izzie Stevens, gotten in 2008 (one year after she won an Emmy for Best Supporting Performing artist for the part). Per The Modern York Times, Heigl expressed the scripts she gotten in 2008 were not uncommon sufficient "to warrant an Emmy Designation."

Whereas there were rumors that Heigl and Shona Rhimes had a long quarrel a short time later Heigl has since put these rumors to rest after reporting the genuine reason she cleared out was since she "begun a family, and it changed everything" (through Computerized Spy). In any case, in spite of the fact that she had been upbeat with Izzie's exit after she was composed off the hit restorative show TV appear in 2010, one of Grey's greatest turns may have fair demolished it for her. Concurring to ET, she was not a fan of Alex and Izzie rejoining in Alex's season 16 flight, feeling that it was sort of "a**hole move" for him to take off his current spouse, Jo, through letter.

Idris Elba Was Not Happy With His Character's Fate On The Wire

Idris Elba rose to noticeable quality by playing the cherished character Stringer Chime on the acclaimed wrongdoing dramatization, The Wire, which he was completely crushed to grant up when showrunner, David Simon, called him and educated him of his destiny. In Bell's unique exit from the appear, Omar was to shoot him dead and urinate on his body.

After perusing the script, Elba told The Hollywood Correspondent "I was p**sed. I told him it was outright catastrophe, that it was thrilling, which it wasn’t progressing to happen." Whereas Chime was eventually slaughtered on the appear, Elba persuaded Simon to evacuate the offensive portion of the scene to donate the character a more honorable send-off.

Evangeline Lilly - Lost

Evangeline Lilly played the part of Kate Austen in all but one scene of the hit TV appear Misplaced from 2004 to 2010. In 2018, she had no misgivings impacting how ineffectively she felt Kate advanced as a character, telling EW, "I felt like my character went from being independent - truly having her claim story and her possess travel and her possess plans - to chasing men around the island. That aggravated the s*** of out me."

Lilly got to be so vexed by the course of Kate's cherish triangle with Jack and Sawyer that she claimed "I did toss scripts over rooms when I examined them," including "since I would get exceptionally baffled by the lessening independence she had and the reducing sum of her claim story there was to play." Numerous fans will certainly concur with this given that Kate had been central to the activity within the to begin with three seasons, but apparently blurred into the back a short time later.

Ian Somerhalder Didn't Like Damon's Ending On The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder played Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Journals from 2009 to 2017, eventually surviving in spite of being a evil powerful baddie. In 2018, Somerhalder talked out against the course of the finale and the destiny of Damon and his brother Stefan, telling spectators at the 2019 Warsaw Comic-Con that he felt the two fiendish brothers ought to have passed on.

"I never would have let Damon live either,” Somerhalder told the swarm, including “These two brothers appeared up in this small town, and they totally crushed the town.” In 2021, told Get to Hollywood "I fair felt that's more wonderful for these two brothers to go away and after that to let these people sort of re-settle back into their claim town. But anything, I misplaced the fight."

Shailene Woodley Hated Where Amy's Arc Went At The End Of The Secret Life Of An American Teenager

From 2008 to 2013, Shailene Woodley played pregnant youngster Amy Juergens on the ABC show The Mystery Life of an American Youngster. By the conclusion of her circular segment, Woodley profoundly oppose this idea with the ethical standing of Amy, telling Parade in 2013, "Towards the conclusion, ethically, the things that we were lecturing on that appear weren’t adjusted with my claim astuteness."

In 2020, Woodley too told Haste, "There were a parcel of things that were composed into the scripts that not fair me, but a parcel of the cast, oppose this idea with. There were conviction frameworks that were pushed that were distinctive than my possess. However legitimately I was stuck there.” Woodley marked a contract for six a long time after perusing fair 3 scripts, ignorant of the circular segment Amy would take after.

Jason Segel Thinks His Character Arc Could Have been Better If Marshall & Lily Divorced On HIMYM

Jason Segel went through 9 seasons playing Marshall Eriksen on the all-time adored hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. But, by season 8, he started to address how the heading of his character and told GQ that he might have given much more inventively in the event that his character's destiny was revamped. Particularly, he considers he may have given distant better;a much better;a higher;a stronger;an improved">an improved execution had he and Lily gotten separated.

With respect to his depiction of Marshall, Segel told the exchange, "I do not feel like I have that much more to offer with this character. Perhaps in the event that we got separated or something, but that's not gonna happen." Without a doubt, Marshall and Lily remained hitched through the arrangement finale.

Sarah Hyland Wanted More For Her Modern Family Character, Haley

Sarah Hyland played Haley Dunphy on Cutting edge Family from 2009 to 2020, but her diminishing screen time and underwhelming closure for her character cleared out a part to be wanted for the performing artist. In 2020, Hyland told BuzzFeed how she thought the adorable Cutting edge Family character's bend ought to have concluded on the appear, taking offense with a scene including her grandpa's memorial service that she was not one or the other a portion of nor mindful of some time recently it was shot.

Taking to Instagram, Hyland composed, "I figure I ought to have put a spoiler caution for Grandpa Straight to the point passing on, but I was fair caught off-guard. As his granddaughter, you'd think I'd be welcomed to the burial service." Hyland afterward told Catholic that "there are so numerous astounding moms that are too difficult specialists and exceed expectations in their jobs...that would have been a very cool thing to see, particularly from Haley" who might have gotten to be "a badass beautician or brand big shot"

Laurie Holden Hated Andrea's Death On The Walking Dead

Laurie Holden has impacted her character Andrea's unceremonious exit on The Strolling Dead, who was shockingly murdered at the conclusion of season 3. Unfathomably leaving from the source fabric, Holden expressed at Walker Stalker Tradition in 2017 (by means of, that Andrea's sudden passing was "total and express garbage."

Holden included, "I think the takeoff from book Andrea to the screen was a botch. I cruel, it's not like I couldn't drag it off. I did the leading that I seem to tell that story and to legitimize it where Andrea kept her heart."

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