DCU: 10 Characters Who Merit Their Claim Motion picture, Concurring To Reddit

Fans have tall trusts for long run of DC Studios after all the later news and are curious about seeing these characters star in their claim motion pictures.

It took over a decade for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to at long last make a big appearance as Dark Adam within the DCU, but presently that he’s here his vitality and request might’ve given the establishment the bounce begin it needs. As it were time will tell in case DC Studios can get past its temperamental execution over the past few a long time. Still, the reliable intrigued in up and coming ventures and the news of James Gunn and Diminish Safran’s enlisting has numerous fans remaining hopeful. Even in 2023, there's a huge uptick in yield with the likes of Shazam! Wrath of the Divine beings, The Streak, Blue Creepy crawly, and Aquaman and the Misplaced Kingdom.

Fans certainly have their claim thoughts of what they need to see within the future of the DCU Studios, with a few needing it to return to Zack Snyder’s tone and tasteful from Man of Steel and Equity Alliance, whereas others need a new start and more things just Like the Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. As such, there are numerous extraordinary conclusions around who ought to get their film or not – particularly since there have been no official ventures declared for 2024 and beyond. Whether they’ve as of now been included or been prodded within the DCU or they’d be modern presentations, fans on Reddit would like to see these characters feature their film.

Doctor Fate

One character who's getting an mind blowing sum of intrigued as of late from fans is Specialist Destiny, much appreciated to his standout appearance in Dark Adam. u/Daviddv1202 puts it doubtlessly, composing “We genuinely require a Specialist Destiny movie” From the inventive plan of his outfit and mysterious capacities to his charming backstory, Specialist Destiny may be a culminate candidate for a modern film.

The enormous caveat is that Penetrate Brosnan’s Kent Nelson died in Dark Adam, but passing isn't an issue in comedian book stories. This might work like Dark Dowager in displaying Kent as Specialist Destiny some time recently Dark Adam, displaying his roots and life over the a long time as a legend – in spite of the fact that this might fair be best for an HBO Max miniseries. Then again, it might center on Kent’s successor and nephew, Khalid Nassour as the modern Specialist Destiny and Brosnan might still show up as a enchanted advisor, a soul inside the head protector, so there’s a enormous star connected to the venture.


The other JSA character meriting of his film taking after Dark Adam is Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman. He has as of now been displayed as the pioneer of the JSA, a man that was made wealthy and effective much obliged to the Nth metal he has. Be that as it may, his genuine beginnings are still a puzzle to most – they were dug into in related comics, but shockingly, most DCU groups of onlookers likely aren’t mindful they exist.

u/msk21shoaib composed, “Give Hawkman a motion picture with Hawkgirl and presentation of Thanagar.” A Hawkman motion picture would in this manner look at their bizarre cherish story through the ages, dating all the way back to Antiquated Egypt, and indeed interface their substitute beginnings from the planet Thanagar. It seem join other enormous characters just like the Green Lights and/or Adam Strange.

Martian Manhunter

Whereas Superman was the primary superhero introduced within the DCU and Ponder Lady is the primary chronologically, there was another conspicuous DC character covering up since the franchise’s starting in Man of Steel. Zack Snyder’s Equity Alliance uncovered that Harry Lennix’s Calvin Swanwick is the Martian Manhunter, watching humankind and the heroes in mystery. In any case, there hasn’t been any reference to him since, so fans are uncertain in the event that he will ever play a part within the DCU’s future.

u/TvManiac5 composed, “The truth that Harry Lennix still hasn’t gotten a dramatic Martian Manhunter motion picture could be a crime.” He is an critical and foundation part of the Equity Association within the comics and vivified adjustments, so he has the notoriety to draw groups of onlookers. Also, a Martian Manhunter film would moreover be a awesome pardon to extend the DCU’s stories into the universe.


Another set up DCU character numerous fans would like to see once more in their film is Katana. She was a standout character in Suicide Squad, so a few gatherings of people were shocked when she didn’t include within The Suicide Squad at all. The interest in more Katana hasn’t disappeared it’s been exacerbated by Karen Fukuhara’s stellar execution within The Boys.

u/Chronokix needs a Katana film, claiming, “It would be so cool to see her backstory in an epic, action-packed, and conceivably tear-jerking movie.” This may involve Katana as she looks for a modern life, but she gets dragged back into a battle against the Yakuza, constraining her to remember her appalling roots. This may be a idealize choice for a future HBO Max film like Dark Canary, as long as it’s not deserted like Batgirl.

Green Lantern Corps

One of the foremost important and storied groups of DC Comics characters is still holding up within the DCU’s wings. The Green Light Corps have as it were showed up amid the opening battle against Darkseid and his armed force in Zack Snyder’s Equity Alliance, but they’ve been lost something else. There was a scene expecting to present Jon Stewart and Kilowog in that film, but it was rejected and swapped for Martian Manhunter’s.

A Green Light Corps film has been in advancement for a long time, but there hasn’t been any open news approximately it as of late. In spite of the destitute reaction to Green Light, typically still something numerous fans are frantic for within the DCU, with u/True_Leadership_2362 needing a “Green Light Corp film that leads into the JL continuation where Darkseid attacks.” This may be a way to consolidate both Hal Jordan and John Stewart as protagonists, at the side other well known Green Lights and indeed individuals of the other Light Corps.


In the event that there's one DC character fans are sticking for, it’s Lobo, the Czarnian bounty seeker. Indeed James Gunn appears interested, given his to begin with post on Mastodon was of Lobo. u/No-Consideration8132 considers “Lobo could be a must. TBH it would be brutal fun and comedic. With the 4th divider breaks, it would be astounding. Furthermore, his voyages over the galaxies would be epic.”

He may be presented as an enemy, whether fundamental or auxiliary, in a future film or tv appear in the event that a contract brings him to Earth – possibly permitting him to go up against Superman even. Alternatively, Lobo could be a idealize candidate for his enlivened arrangement on HBO Max within the vein of Harley Quinn.


Whereas the Suicide Squad, Equity Alliance, and conceivably Equity Society are at the center arrange presently, other conspicuous groups would be welcome sights within the DCU. Interests, Dark Adam sets up a potential choice for the Untouchables, a team established by Batman to function exterior the Equity Association. On the off chance that the Justice Society has gotten to be the debut group within the DCU, in working with Amanda Waller and World Governments, this can be what Batman is up to.

An Untouchables film would grandstand a team-up of non-mainstream heroes, such as Katana, Dark Lightning, Metamorpho, and Looker. u/MX2419 composed, “they come back together cause an ancient enemy who they thought was dead, and he undermines their city. Something like that.” It might work as a huge film in the event that Batman plays a noticeable part, but in the event that not, it may something else work as an HBO Max motion picture or indeed a appear.


Of the Equity Association individuals lost from the DCU, one who might do well with her film is Lady. She is mystically able to imitate the capacities of all sorts of creatures, permitting her to be as solid as a gorilla, quick as a cheetah, and fly like an hawk. This alone holds incredible prospects for cool activity groupings and visual impacts.

u/DominicBSaint composed, “I may picture it being set in Zambesi, and being a sort of more on the avant-garde and artsy side of tones. However, still remaining genuine to the source material.” They go on to say it might indeed appear an elective point of view to Dark Jaguar on Afrofuturism and enchantment.

Etrigan The Demon

Another great alternative to exhibit DC Comics’ changed takes on otherworldly existence and enchantment is to present the Equity Alliance Dull and characters like John Constantine, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Evil presence. There are evidently ventures in improvement for the previous two – in expansion to a Constantine continuation featuring Keanu Reeves – so u/Bsquared02 would like one motion picture for Etrigan.

They composed, “a motion picture with Jason Blood/Etrigan would be captivating, particularly with a medieval Britain setting, and perhaps indeed Mordred and Morgan le Fay as antagonists.” Such a surrounding would permit it to be a strong and disconnected root story like Ponder Lady, setting up the character on his possess some time recently possible team-ups.

The Rogues

With Dark Adam and Feathered creatures of Prey, the DCU has made a title for itself by centering intensely on the scalawags, surrounding them as ant-heroes. Other scalawags commendable of their film are The Rebels, a collection of Flash’s most noteworthy foes. Those recommending such a extend compared it to Seas 11 and Presently You See Me as they all work together, exhibiting their unusual gifts, in a heist motion picture.

u/BVTheEpic composed, “image a heist motion picture featuring Flash’s rebels (Captain Cold, Heatwave, Climate Wizard, Reflect Ace, Cheat, and Brilliant Glider.” That sounds like a cool bunch to take after, and such a film wouldn’t have to include the Streak or the classic third-act enormous climax battle. Interests, in the event that The Streak restarts the DCU as numerous are theorizing, such a film seem too consolidate Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang.

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