Companions: Chandler's 9 Best Lady friends (Concurring To Reddit)

Chandler Bing had very the dating history on Companions, but Reddit considers a few of his ex-lovers brought something one of a kind to the table.

In his diary, Companions, Significant others and the Enormous Awful Thing, Companions alum Matthew Perry reflects on his broadly publicized sentiment with Julia Roberts and uncovers what driven him to break up with her. Agreeing to an passage distributed by The Times, Perry composes, "Dating Julia Roberts had been as well much for me. I had been always certain that she was attending to break up with me ... So rather than confronting the inescapable misery of losing her, I broke up with the wonderful and brilliant Julia Roberts."

Roberts showed up in season 2's "The One After the Super Bowl, Portion 2" as Perry's character Chandler’s basic school classmate, Susie Greenery. Her objective was to look for vindicate on him for pantsing her on arrange amid their fourth-grade presentation. Other than Greenery, Chandler had both brief flings and genuine connections on the show.While a few of his exes are not that eminent, Reddit considers others are awesome.


The primary time Chandler dated Rachel's boss, Joanna, he dumped her since he thought she was "a enormous, gloomy flop." The moment time was distinctive on account of their chemistry and propensity for enterprise.

Redditor GingerFurball acclaims said cherish intrigued saying, "Joanna's 'hello Rachel' as she goes from the shower to Chandler's room is one of my top choice minutes. I cherished Joanna, she was a awesome character." They are adjust, for Joanna came from a position of control, and certainly knew how to donate individuals a bit of her intellect, counting the savvy mouth, Chandler, himself. She was an fulfilled lady and had she remained on the appear for long, she would have included a dynamic story component by looking for an rise to association with Chandler.


In a Reddit survey inquiring fans to choose their favorite Chandler sweetheart, Redditor twothousandsteps comments, "Perhaps Ginger but she was barely appeared..." Chandler's sweetheart from season 3, Ginger had a bit of history with his flat mate, Joey. They utilized to date, and once amid their courtship, Joey woke up within the center of the cold night to discover fire they had built was passing on out. Unbeknownst to him, he tossed Ginger's prosthetic leg on the fire and ran absent. Chandler was less than satisfied with his roommates' behavior, as he'd truly started to just like the modern lady in his life.

Ginger was witty and she made Chandler chuckle. The primary discussion that they had exterior the men's room at Central Liven illustrated that she had kind of the same sense of humor as him. They would have made a incredible match had Ginger not cracked out on seeing Chandler's third areola and run absent. In spite of the fact that they had chemistry, the relationship required time and shared appreciation.

Susie Moss

Within the same string, Reddittor ibiZas_ comments, "I truly thought Chandler and Susie had a decent chemistry as well." Chandler and Susie's furious sentiment highlighted within the moment portion of season 2's post-Superbowl scene. They happened to bump into each other by chance on the NYC sets of Episode 2: The Infection Takes Manhattan. Susie and Chandler each had their possess desires within the relationship. He really enjoyed her and she was with him since she needed to urge vindicate on him for pantsing her in review school.

Inevitably, Chandler did discover himself in a sticky circumstance on Companions when Susie ran absent with his dress and cleared out him tall and dry within the washroom slow down. That said, Susie included a sense of experience to their relationship. She got the finest out of their brief, risqué toss, and it was she who made a difference construct the force and changed Chandler into a bit of an adrenaline addict.


In season 2, Chandler falls difficult for a excellent Italian lady named Aurora. Reddit client VividTangerin "adored" her and Chandler together on Companions, and they comment, "He was so fun and sentimental with her indeed in spite of the fact that he, Ethan, and Rick weren’t sufficient to fulfill her."

Aurora and Chandler met at one of Joey's terrible plays and the two of them hit it off right absent. She engaged him with her gutsy stories and her sharp sense of humor. The as it were issue was that Chandler favored to date one lady at a time and Aurora was polyamorous. Chandler heavy-heartedly called things off since he knew Aurora was a capture. She was legitimate with him from the exceptionally starting and cherished his nearness. Her mind and smarts make her one of Chandler's paramount exes on Companions.

Nina Bookbinder

Chandler dated a marvelous lady and a co-worker named Nina Bookbinder within "The One With Two Parts, Portion 1." They broke up since Chandler mishandled his position of control and, unbeknownst to Nina, held her rather than getting clear-cut orders to lay her off.

Reddit client Ashamed-Caramel-9633 increases in value the said adore intrigued, saying, "Nina was charming and had awesome chemistry with Chandler, would have adored to see what happened between these two on the off chance that Chandler was genuine from the begin!" Nina and Chandler had substantial chemistry, but in case truth be told, she was way out of his association. Chandler's lying makes him one of the most exceedingly bad bosses on Companions, and Nina unquestionably merited much superior than him.


In season 4, Chandler felt a profound association to Joey's sweetheart, Kathy, and she, in turn, responded his sentiments. Things, be that as it may, got a small muddled when the two of them finished up kissing behind Joey's back. Since they were besotted with each other, it was as it were a matter of time some time recently Joe gave his endorsement, and the match dated for a brief whereas.

Redditor Frankiethesavage composes, "I think Chandler and Kathy were a awesome relationship... I wish they kept it going for longer and I abhor how they finished it." They are rectify for the Chandler and Kathy's sentiment had passionate and in the long run physical closeness. In spite of the fact that envy contrarily affected their relationship and tore them separated, the truth remains that the witty and charming Kathy was one of Chandler's best lady friends on Companions.


Chandler too dated a lady named Danielle early on in season 1's "The One With The Fiendish Orthodontist." He depicted their to begin with assembly to his companions as "mind boggling" and "the most noteworthy to begin with dates of all time." Redditor David_Turck increases in value the character saying, "Was Danielle a squandered opportunity?" to which Reddit client Jennifer_Mckenze composes back, "She’s great."

Both Redditors' are adjust in their evaluation since Chandler was very enamored by Danielle. The reality that he said they can be completely themselves around each other and appreciate their time said a parcel almost Danielle's caliber and their chemistry. She was the impeccably great, sensible, and keen lady who Chandler wrongly palmed off for being a "penniless individual," and there's no denying that she merited more screen time on Companions.

Janice Hosenstein

A Reddit survey by Redditor Loonyluna66 inquires clients to share their supposition (via voting) around their favorite Chandler sweetheart, and within the comment segment, a now-deleted Reddit client composes, "I picked her [Janice] cause I adore her, but I moreover think she was as well great for Chandler. She is so sweet and clever, there’s no reason to detest her other than her being uproarious."

They are a percent adjust for Janice has without a doubt risen as a fan-favorite cherish intrigued. She breathed comedian help in scenes such as "The One With Barry And Mindy's Wedding" and "The One With The Sweet Hearts." These and some more Companions scenes demonstrate that Janice was Chandler's soulmate. She made him a cheerful man and truly adored him for who he was and who she hoped for him to be.

Monica Geller

Within the same string, Redditor BookWorm707 composes, "Janice was genuine clever for comedian alleviation but as Monica was the finest gf." Monica and Chandler are ostensibly TV's best couple. They illustrated the significance of understanding and open communication in connections.

Monica made a difference Chandler open up and gave him sufficient space to figure out his commitment issues. She remained with him through thick and lean, treated him with cherish, and most of all, gave him an fair supposition at whatever point he inquired for one.

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