Andor: 10 Best Reddit Fan Speculations For Season 2

Andor cleared out numerous Star Wars fans energized for more, and they rapidly took to Reddit to share their speculations around what might happen in season 2.

This list contains spoilers for Andor season 1.

| The start of resistance lighted on Ferrix in Andor's energizing season 1 finale, and it’s as of now got fans frantic for season 2. The Rebel One: A Star Wars Story prequel arrangement is being touted as one of the finest Tv appears of the year for its stellar composing from Tony Gilroy, compelling exhibitions by the cast, and staggering visuals. Excitingly, Andor season 2 is as of now in improvement as shooting has commenced in London with trusts of arriving on Disney+ in 2024.

The hold up might seem horrifying, but gratefully, 2023 is attending to be a incredible year for Star Wars with unused season of The Awful Bunch, The Mandalorian, and at last, Ahsoka. As for Andor, season 1 cleared out fans with a few burning questions, whereas extending the fantastic scope of the establishment in riveting styles, motivating all sorts of speculations for season 2 and past. Numerous fans shared their thoughts and trusts on Reddit for what will happen another for Cassian, Mon Mothma, and Luthen, and how it all might lead into Rebel One: A Star Wars Story.

One of the foremost inescapable hypotheses all through season 1 is that Luthen Rael, played by Stellan Skarsgård, may be a previous Jedi. It’s picked up increasingly steam from scene four forward, and numerous fans are anticipating season 2 to authoritatively demonstrate them right or wrong. Redditor Daksout918 underpins it, composing, “with everything he said within the monolog, additionally the kyber precious stone and the truth that they make a point of appearing us his cane one or two diverse times, I have to be think he’s a fallen Jedi.”

Luthen Is A Jedi

His Kuati Seal as he calls it, referencing the Rakata from the Legends legend, and the plenty of Andor easter eggs in his shop – counting holocrons and a veil of a Jedi Sanctuary watch – might be prove for this hypothesis having a few legitimacy. Be that as it may, as a few spoilers note, Andor hasn’t been a appear for such uncovers and turns. Whereas it’s a spy dramatization, full of interest, the characters are all who they show up to be, indeed Luthen.

A few watchers have adjusted the “Luthen is a Jedi” hypothesis to be that Luthen is fair somebody associated to the Jedi arrange instead of a previous part himself. ElandoUK states, “Luthen isn’t a Jedi, but his companion was.” That sort of advancement would include much more profundity to his motivations and part within the rule. It’s a point of view that has as it were been shared in such a transcendent way by Padmé Amidala.

Not A Jedi, But He Knew Some

Interests, this would propose at that point that the kyber gem was theirs, a way to remain associated to his misplaced adore, who would have apparently kicked the bucket in Arrange 66. That would at that point drop in line with his start into the disobedience, citing, “…an condition I composed fifteen a long time ago…” in his epic discourse to Lonni. Whereas it’s not the Jedi way to require accomplices, there's bounty of point of reference amid that period to back this thought.

Another well known hypothesis is that B2EMO will conclusion up getting to be K-2SO from Rebel One in a few way. The modern droid rapidly captured fans' hearts on Twitter, and its chokehold as it were developed as the season advanced. Whereas other droids such as K-2, R2-D2, and Chopper all have feisty identities, they’re nothing compared to the passionate B2. Given their coordinated significance in his story, fans are connecting B2 and K-2 together.

The Merge Of B2-K2

DoctorSteve03 considers, “if K-2 were uncovered to hold Bee’s memories/consciousness it would make his give up in Rebel One indeed more poignant.” It would certainly include a incredible bargain of profundity to their association. As famous by naysayers, it would cruel that B2’s identity changes definitely, so this doesn’t appear likely. Shockingly, in that case, it might not bode well for B2 at that point as Cassian states in Rebel One that he’s misplaced everything in this battle.

The thought of exchanging memory and databanks between droids brings to intellect the progressive L3-37 from Solo: A Star Wars Story, who finished up being coordinates into the Thousand years Falcon’s computer. As for K-2SO, pezboy74 considers it might be the inverse. They composed, “I actually just like the hypothesis I listened that K-2SO is Luthen’s ship’s AI.”

L3-37, But The Other Way Around

As season 2 is set to span the four a long time driving up to Rebel One, K-2SO is beyond any doubt to at long last show up, and this hypothesis would cleverly interface it with both Cassian and Luthen. It would be a fun way to retool an existing story component additionally extend on the idea of droid awareness, something related in Andor much appreciated to B2EMO’s radical identity.

Whereas the appear is titled Andor, Mon Mothma serves as the deuteragonist, and season 1 was an unimaginable appearing for Genevieve O’Reilly within the part. Her circular segment brings in political components, making the appear distant more than a spy thriller. By the conclusion of season 1, she has apparently tossed her spouse Perrin to the wolves, accusing their budgetary disparities on his betting, and organized the marriage of her high school girl, Leida. Season 2 will got to appear her move from Congressperson subtly subsidizing the Disobedience to a major pioneer of the Revolt Collusion.

Mon Mothma's Arc

Redditor intrepidcaribou considers, “they might do Mothma’s flight from Coruscant… Clearly, Perrin and Leida either pass on or get cleared out behind. Appearing Mon go from her cushy Coruscant life on the run would be interesting.” Given the scope of time for season 2, this appears unimaginably likely, and particularly, it would result from her strong open denouncement of Sovereign Palpatine for the Ghorman Slaughter. That would tie into Rebels as the Apparition Team made a difference spare her.

Season 1 closes with Cassian announcing himself for the cause to Luthen. In this manner, much of season 2 will likely investigate their creating relationship and working fashion up to Rebel One, amid which Luthen is truant, or more likely, dead. This will moreover certainly envelop Cassian and Mon's assembly, which is alluring to think almost – concerning how her and Luthen’s authority styles will vary and hence influence Cassian’s activities and inspirations inside the Revolt Organization together.

Cassian, Mon, and Luthen All Together

Redditor rechelon theorizes, “Cassian either should offer assistance Mon escape from Coruscant or he has got to have a hand affectation the Ghorman Slaughter at Luthen’s ask (and after that exchange fidelities to Mon from Luthen as he gets to be less middle of the road inside the Alliance.” Interests, both conceivable outcomes hold justify. They might each be three-episode bends, appearing the really variable nature of the Disobedience, and particularly how his inclusion in something unpleasant for the more prominent great would lead him down the way to where he is in Rebel One.

On the off chance that fans were anticipating a cherish story in Andor, consistently they would’ve expected Cassian would be included. As such, the budding association between Syril Karn and Dedra Meero is both out of the blue interesting and exasperating. Whereas the exhibitions by Kyle Soller and Denise Gough, individually, are surprising, the characters are completely vile. Syril is out and out frightening, and Dedra is profoundly threatening. Be that as it may, the finale appears the start of not fair a resistance, but something between them.

Syril & Dedra's Relationship

It might fair be that Dedra takes advantage of Syril’s commitment without returning any favors. Redditor el-cad comments, “Dedra will be in a work but out of favor, Syril will be an exterior informant/bloodhound doing messy works off the books for her. Possibly Mosk would be in on it too.” Such a relationship would be curiously to compare with Luthen and Cassian’s on the off chance that he gets to be his individual operator in season 2, like Syril for Dedra.

Whereas Maarva Andor’s burial service comes about in a revolt against the Realm and a slaughter of sorts, Cassian and a few of his companions made it out lively – in spite of the fact that not unscathed. Particularly, he made a difference B2EMO, Bix, Brasso, Wilmon, Pegla, and Jezzi elude from Ferrix, telling them he’d meet them on Gangi Moon. Shockingly, Gungan_Jedi features a awful feeling approximately this, considering “we might witness catastrophe with Bix, Brasso, etc.”

Tragedy Incoming

The sad thing is that Cassian is in an awfully dim put by the begin of Rebel One. He’s expressed he’s misplaced everything since of the Domain. That’s about five a long time afterward from where Andor cleared out off, and whereas the wound from losing Maarva may still be putrefying, that comment makes this hypothesis tragically exceptionally conceivable. It’s a catastrophe that would shake Cassian to his center, and the misfortune of well known characters like B2, Bix, and Brasso would be destroying for the watchers, as well.

In Andor, all streets lead to Rebel One, whether unequivocally or quietly. One way it’s done that so distant has been the appearance of Woodland Whitaker as Saw Gerrera. In season 2, the Star Wars character numerous anticipate to see is Jyn Erso, played once once more by Bliss Jones. DestroyTheHuman accepts, “we will see Luthen finding Jyn and her story, in this way beginning a strife with Saw…giving Saw the final proposal between sparing Jyn or making a difference the rebels.” It would be extraordinary to see Saw in such a compelling pickle since he’s more often than not so exacting and undaunted.

Some Special Appearances

This might require a few tweaking as she is apparently surrendered by Saw in 5 ABY when season 1 is happening, but it seem come into play still. Anything the case, season 2 will certainly contain a few reference to Jyn Erso and/or her father, Galen, at slightest because it speeds toward Rebel One.

One of the greatest Andor questions remaining from season 1 is still almost Cassian’s puzzling backstory on his domestic planet of Kenari, and particularly the destiny of his sister. His hunt for her was his most vital story component within the to begin with three scenes, but it was consigned by the direness and stakes of consequent circular segments. Nevertheless, it did lead to a few wild hypotheses from fans that characters like Bix, Dedra, or Cinta may well be his sister – none of which have any justify.

Back To Kenari

Interests, Maarva tells Cassian to disregard around her and Kenari, but it sounded like she knows a mystery he doesn’t. As such, numerous like Matuatay think season 2 will dive more profoundly into this portion of his life. They composed, “it will get picked back up in S2, and she will discover him.” That final point is very charming and may at that point play into other creating hypotheses that she may be a Revolt as of now. Season 2 encompasses a parcel on its plate already, but a authoritative reply as to what happened on Kenari and Cassian’s sister has to be tended to.

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