90 Day Fiancé's Angela Gets Kiss From Youthful Riddle Man In Enigmatic Video

90 Day Fiancé star Angela Regard is becoming flushed after getting a kiss from an obscure man much more youthful than herself in her unused Instagram video.

Angela Consider from 90 Day Fiancé posted a video in which she gets kissed by an obscure more youthful man on her cheek. The 56-year-old reality TV star joined the cast of the TLC establishment in 2018 on 90 Day Fiancé: Some time recently the 90 Days season 2. Angela and Michael Ilesanmi confronted challenges due to him cheating on her and Angela has never trusted him since. Angela has denounced Michael of talking to other ladies over and over once more and scolded him for making an Instagram account, where he was getting flirty DMs. In any case, Angela is additionally considered a charlatan by fans who’ve seen her being a tease with cast individuals, her plastic surgery specialists, and puzzle men alike.

In her continuous 90 Day Fiancé: Joyfully Ever After? season 7 storyline, Angela shocked Michael by planning to Nigeria when he denied to induce his Instagram down. After they fixed up when he promised to erase it, Angela told Michael almost Billy, a man from Canada she includes a pulverize on. In any case, in her most recent Instagram video, it’s not one or the other Michael nor Billy who pecks Angela on the cheek. The grandma to eight, Angela recorded herself cutting to “Made You Look” by Meghan Trainor. But 90 Day Fiancé cast part Angela was joined within the fun video by a more youthful man wearing a cap and a long pink wig. He lip-synced to the melody with Angela, and when the verses “but I made you look” played, planted a kiss on Angela’s cheek which made her break out in a wide grin.

Does Angela Deem Have A New Boyfriend After Michael Split?

Angela didn’t post a caption for a video, nor did she tag the man. She moreover crippled the comments beneath her video, so fans wouldn’t inquire her any questions almost it. A Reddit client called Brief-Praline7785 took a screenshot of Angela's video to inquire other fans “who is this fellow in her later TikTok?” Fans answers changed from saying 90 Day Fiancé celeb Angela is “at it again”, needing individuals to accept that youthful men are fascinated by her, to Prestigious_Piekno inquiring, “Can you envision what she would do to Michael in case he posted a picture with a few hot, youthful angel posturing behind him?” One fan, rosssettti, claimed they knew the man from their hometown which he regularly pulls “stunts for publicity” but didn’t create any verification.

In all likeliness, Angela is still beside Michael as she was spotted with him in Nigeria prior this month. There were rumors approximately Michael having arrived within the U.S. as somebody claimed they’d seen him at the Atlanta air terminal. But these rumors were squashed by Angela herself who reposted photographs with fans she’d met when she was in Nigeria with Michael. She too shared a few sentimental recordings with 90 Day Fiancé star Michael on Instagram and TikTok to uncover her current relationship status.

Since they have communication issues, on the appear Michael prompted Angela that they ought to meet a counselor. Angela told the relationship master that she feels “unloved” by Michael. He guaranteed to be “open” with his spouse and affirmed he’s never cheated on the 90 Day Fiancé symbol. In any case, usually too when Angela confessed that she may have fallen in cherish with Billy. It begun when she needed to induce back at Michael, but Angela’s arrange backfired. Could it be that her unused video with this unidentified companion is additionally Angela attempting to get Michael’s consideration once more presently that she’s returned to the U.S.?

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